Every feel like punching something (a wall, pillow, etc.) when under stress? Just the thought of physical release of the stress energy building up inside sounds great. Well, instead of punching something out, how about using a stress ball to relieve all that tension. This simple ball that usually measures 3 inches in diameter works wonders to help you reduce stress. All you have to do to benefit from a stress ball is hold it in your hand and squeeze.

Squeezing a stress ball repeatedly gives you a feeling of relief from all the emotional and physical stress that you may be going through. In addition to stress relief, this ball is also good for exercising hand and forearm muscles.

A stress ball may not always be shaped like a ball. It can also be found in other interesting shapes. It is usually made with foam rubber, but the ones that are meant for therapeutic use contain gel of different densities. Another type of stress ball contains fine powder that has a rubber coating like a balloon.

So, how does the stress ball help in relieving stress? You experience muscle tension when your hand is turned into a fist, even when there is nothing in your palm. Once you release the grip, muscle tension is also released. Gripping and releasing your hand exercises your muscles and helps you reduce stress. The stress ball gives you something to grip. This helps make the stress relieving exercises more effective. Stress balls are made of either foam or gel and easily squeezable in the palm of your hand and released causing a calm and soothing effect. It helps to refocus you energy and lower your blood pressure which helps to reduce stress.

Other than the usual round stress balls, there are "balls" that come in various shapes, sizes and forms such as a pack of cigarettes, the shape of a body part or a person disliked by society. The pack of cigarettes can be a great option for those who are trying to quit smoking. Foam-filled stress balls are found in simple shapes such as sphere, starfish, vegetables, pills, etc. Stress balls that are more dynamic in shape, such as a human face or Santa Claus, are usually filled with gel.

There are also imprinted stress balls that have smiley faces printed on them. Imprinted stress balls usually have corporate logos printed on them and are given to employees or clients.

There are also high-tech stress balls such as vibrating balls and viral balls. The viral stress ball is soft and has an embedded transmitter and receiving chip that indicates the level of stress the user is experiencing.

Stress balls not only help in relieving stress but can also help in the treatment of the following conditions: Neurological diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome and Bell’s palsy which can cause peripheral nerve weakness; arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that causes inflammation of joints associated with pain and swelling; and hemi paresis which is paralysis of one side of the body.

So next time you're under stress and feel like punching something, grab a ball and just squeeze.

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