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We're talking today about the spiritual reality - the metaphysics-behind swine flu. The anticipated swine flu pandemic has a lot of people talking and wondering, watching and waiting: How bad will it get? How far will it spread? How can I avoid it? How did this get started? Why is it happening? And why is it happening now? Is there a connection between this outbreak and other tumultuous events happening within our society right now? You better believe it.

I'm sure you've heard talk about swine flu being yet another sign of the end times. And you may have even heard talk about the outbreak being a deliberate act of bioterrorism perpetuated by the world-dominating Illuminati as a means of population control. You may have heard many more things. Be they true or false, there's a hidden level, a deeper level of meaning behind it all.

Before we can begin to glimpse the deeper spiritual reality behind swine flu, we need to take a moment to try and understand what the pig symbolizes. I think most people are familiar with the negative aspects of the pig symbolism: gluttony and greed, for example. Not as many are familiar with the strengths of pig symbolism, like forward movement, for example, digging deep, uprooting the useless things. And therein lies the secret to seeing the revelations. The weakness represented by a symbol or a sign that appears, shows you your downfall-or your potential for downfall. The strength represented by that same symbol shows you the spiritual medicine that will help you evolve and let you transcend your weakness. So to answer our earlier question, "what is the spiritual reality behind swine flu?" It is a cosmic call for humanity to get on the Pig Medicine Path. Meaning, it's time for us to move in a direction that will help us to address the weaknesses represented by the pig, cultivate the wisdom and power to bring ourselves into balance so we can be in right relationship with our higher destiny. Using Pig medicine (or any animal medicine for that matter) means that you learn to develop and tap into the natural wisdom, strength and power demonstrated by that power animal or animal totem. If you can access this power, you can apply it to your life both in the context of the global community and your personal circumstances.

In whatever way swine flu came to be in our midst, in whatever way anything ever comes to be in our midst, there has to be something supporting it spiritually or energetically in consciousness first-otherwise it could not exist. All events, biological events, historical events, political events, economic events, whatever the nature of the event, they all have a metaphysical basis in our personal or collective consciousness regardless of what or who appears to be the external cause of those events. Since these events are metaphysical in nature, to understand them you can never really look at them in isolation. Swine flu exists inside what I call an event continuum; it's one link in a chain of energy that's been set into motion. What is the motion? And where is it taking us?

The week that news of the outbreak hit, I was doing an urban spiritual quest. So I immediately saw a deeper message in it-or I should say messages because a metaphysical or spiritual event has multiple layers. On the surface layer, I saw the outbreak as a retaliatory strike-the latest attack in the war between humans and domesticated animals, in particular the ones that we eat. Mad cow disease, bird flu, now swine flu. I think you see where I'm going with this. We consume these animals by the billions each year. We may see greater "rebellion" and defiance in the future. A global outbreak of "fish flu" could conceivably be down the line for us as well, because that is the branch of the animal kingdom that we've attacked the hardest. But the outbreak is not just about eating meat. There is so much more to this drama that's unfolding on the world stage right now. Beneath the skin of this surface layer there is the issue of human beings' destructive habit of overconsumption. We over consume just about everything. Now, where meat is concerned, our overconsumption creates imbalances on many fronts: our health and the ecology, for example. Amidst all the talk of recycling, going green, cutting gas emissions, not many are talking about the fact that the meat industry's negative impact on the environment (not to mention or bodies what with all the pesticides and hormones) is significantly greater than all our anti-green habits. But you'll start hearing more about this in the media in the upcoming weeks and months. But there's another aspect of this phenomena that's having a tremendous impact on everyday existence on a global scale. Many people are seeing the impact of it but not connecting it with this retaliation.

Let me introduce you to the idea of "terror toxins." Extreme fear-or any extreme negative emotion for that matter-leaves behind a cancerous residue or imprint both in the physical body and on the atmosphere if left unresolved. That's why you can walk into a room after somebody's had an argument, and still feel the tension. That's why you can be in a place where a trauma happened days ago, years ago, decades ago, even centuries ago in some cases, and still pick up on the bad vibes. The emotional trauma discharged by the billions animals destined for slaughter leaves an imprint not only in our bodies when we consume the meat, but it leaves an imprint, you know-bad vibes-on the global atmosphere. There are millions of human beings also living in terror and agony and discharging that into the atmosphere. We're at the point now, where you can literally feel it in the air because those imprints are translating into our weather patterns. So while there's been talk about going green and watching your carbon footprint, what's really throwing both the planet and our society into such a drastic state of disrepair is the terror footprint we collectively leave behind.

Approximately 14,000 chickens are slaughtered every minute. Think about the footprint that leaves behind. As a matter of fact, while we were on the urban spiritual quest, we rescued one of those 14,000 chickens. And while we had her, we eventually took her to a sanctuary up in Woodstock, we got to see, not only the physical damage that results from the conditions these animals live in but we got to see how fear attacks the mind-not just of a chicken but of any living creature and how to reverse it. But that's a topic for another show. Whether you are the one emitting terror or you are invoking terror (directly or indirectly) in another human being or an animal-this terror footprint is much more dangerous and destructive than our carbon one.

Now there is more to these outbreaks than just the outbreaks-because as I said, when it comes to a metaphysical event, there are multiple layers of energy that are set into motion, and they manifest in different ways. But what's happening on one layer is always pointing to what's happening on another layer in the event continuum. That's true of our everyday lives as well. All you need to do is look in the right direction or look with the right perspective to see it. So what else is swine flu telling us to look at? Take A Deeper Look at Swine Flu and its Revelations on Dr. M's Website (http://www.healingspirit.com).

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