The Soul creates its memories and perceptions of time and space through spiral and fractal forms and shapes.

It is these shapes and forms that are also known as the “Soul Journey” because it is by moving the physical body into these alignments that the memories of the Soul are revealed.
Memory is created when these forms connect and interact with matter, energy and consciousness.

The Soul becomes infused with these forms and shapes, its memory is created and so the “Journey of the Soul” is built.

The Soul then begins to perceive these forms, shapes and memories as being its purpose and so it creates dimensional forms of self that are congruent with this perception.

This “journey” becomes the blueprint for the creation of the singular selves.

The personality, the ego and the mind is created to fulfill and grow within the parameters of these forms and shapes.

The Soul remembers the Higher Self but just like the singular dimensional selves are prone to do, it believes that just a few things need to be taken care of first.

Just a few things and then we can return home.

Those few things turn into lifetimes until one day, the Soul forgets exactly how to return.

Its only memory is a yearning for “something”…and the perception of this “something” comes only from the feeling that “something” is missing.

The key to achieving reconnection is alignment.

Alignment is the resolution of intention and direction.

Just as the physical density requires the correct alignments to hold the balance for walking, speak with fluency and to maintain the equilibrium of the biochemistry and hormones of the body, the alignments of the mental densities are what allow the mind to think, conceptualize, imagine and perceive within the singular and/or the multi-dimensional aspects of the self.

Alignment occurs not through “trying” but through “being.”

Alignment is the act of becoming the same as.

It is for this reason that the imagination and ideas are so powerful.

The imagination directs the consciousness, the body and mind toward alignment.

This direction is intention, however alignment requires the resolution of this intention in order to achieve completion.
True alignment is undiluted purity of “being.”

Imagination and ideas begin as diluted forms of intention.

This is an alignment that is coming into “being.”

It is moving in the direction of “being.”

Through the process of continual immersion and saturation in a form and idea, consciousness moves towards alignment.

With time and correct practice, intention and direction will become alignment and “being.”

Now the Soul holds its memories in the fractal forms of spirals which are made up of shapes which are made up of even smaller spirals.

Given that alignment means becoming and being, consciousness must conform to these spirals and shapes in order to connect with the Soul and the Soul memory.

Remember that it is the Soul Journey or memory that makes the Soul what it is at any given time.

Without the Soul Memory, the Soul is actually free and pure – it is the Soul Memory that gives the Soul purpose.

However it is this very purpose that creates disharmony within the Soul and thus each of the dimensional selves, because purpose negates the Soul’s understanding of true peace – that is peace with “what is.”

Throughout life times the Soul creates singular selves that would reflect its understanding of its purpose.

Life is experience and experience brings lessons that are embedded into the memories of the soul.

These memories continue to spiral through each lifetime, with each shape and form reflecting experiences and interactions from past Soul lessons and lifetimes.

Eventually the journey has moved so far and the false purpose has gained so much memory and shape, that all that is remembered of the Higher Self is that it is “something” very important that seems to be missing.

The Soul has created so many memories and it is the depth of these memories that creates distance, time and space.

It is this time and space that is the illusion of separation, and so this separation becomes the single greatest barrier between the Soul and the Higher Self.

Through many lifetimes, the Soul creates the singular selves which then seek to discover alignments that bring true fulfillment.

It seeks to create and align itself with material wealth, satisfaction of the ego, accomplishment, knowledge and power.

For a time these may suffice, but through life time after life time the cycle of repeatedly achieving the same things ultimately wears thin.

What remains is the yearning for “something” – the completion that would take the Soul home.

The old Soul is one that can no longer find the same satisfaction in the games that it once sought to fill the void.

In time the old Soul learns to walk past all of these and to listen to the one calling that has remained constant from the very beginning.

It is with this acknowledgement that the true purpose of the Soul’s Journey is realized.

The reunion with the Higher Self – the return home.

Connection to the Higher Self is always about alignment.

Any complexity that is perceived within this simplicity appears simply because each dimensional self, just like each dimension, has its own rules, beliefs and laws.

In order to find alignment these elements must be followed.

The simple guiding principle has always been to learn to “let go.”

The truth of “letting go” means to move each specific dimensional self into alignment with the Higher Self and to allow the connection to occur.

It is critical to understand however that while “letting go” will sometimes mean yielding, it will at other times mean pushing through.

This factor is found through objective observation which allows the consciousness to open a path from the Higher Self to any of the singular dimensional selves.

By then observing a specific dimensional self, the mind will be shown immediately how to progress through the crystallization that is the singular self.

So in some cases “letting go” will entail allowing tension to increase before it inevitably subsides.

In other cases “letting go” requires allowing such emotions as hatred or fear to increase until the core of that emotion is met.

It is only at this perimeter that one can say that they are truly objective and so the path between the Higher Self and the singular self can be said to be open.

If one is flitting between beliefs of right and wrong then it is like taking a step towards the door then taking a step back.

What is occurring is that the consciousness moves towards the perimeter of its own crystallization and then doubts or questions which then moves it back to what is known, familiar and comfortable.

The consciousness becomes like a tight rubber band that restricts movement and returns any movement to its crystallized form.

Alignment cannot come into being without intention and direction – this is movement, so without the ability to move, alignment becomes difficult if not impossible.

This is where objective observation comes into play.

Objective observation is the same as pure awareness, mindfulness and surrender.

Where the Soul collects memories and creates a Journey, objective observation releases memory and creates the alignment of the destination here and now.

The only issue is - and this is a big issue, is that it is possible to fool one self into believing they are being objective when really they are not.

To truly be objective one must be able to reach the point where they can feel a sensation of pain and yet not be in suffering. The physical consciousness, the body, feels the pain, but the mind is clear of its reaction to pain. Since pain is the sensation and suffering is the mind’s reaction to pain, then when the mind is clear of its reaction there is no suffering.

The mind is then able to perceive pain in its true form which is simply energy.

At the same time through objective observation, the consciousness cultivates an alignment with the dimensional aspect that is the Higher Self.

We call this practice “cultivation” because cultivation is a direction or a movement toward an alignment.

When the alignment is complete then the cultivation is complete – there is no more direction needed because the journey is complete – the destination is here now.

Without an understanding of alignment, fractal and spiral laws and objective observation, the potentials of meditation can never be found.
Of course without dedication on the behalf of the practitioner the true potential can never be found either.

As you will have discovered, the Higher Self is exceedingly gentle in its approach.

It comes through opening to it through your own crystallizations.

You cannot force it or trick it, you can only open yourself to it by acknowledging who you are right here and now and using this as the portal to it.

The Soul on the other hand is very forthright in its nature to come through.

For sure a certain amount of letting go is required, but the process is much more physical and because we are in the physical dimension this makes the cultivation very tangible and solid.

The physical spiraling of the body moves energy through the muscles, bones, sinews and blood. It also clears out the chakras and nadis.

But what it also does is wake up the body. It brings its consciousness into the body.

Because this is a physical movement it becomes very easy because physical movement is easy in the third dimension.

The body by aligning itself with the movement of spiraling, fractal flow and shape becomes aligned with the Soul.

It becomes the Soul.

At the same time you are observing objectively with the mind.

So the mind is observing the Soul integrating into the body which means that the mind, body and Soul are connected - and because you are observing objectively you are also in alignment with the Higher Self.

As long as the mind remains objective and observant, these connections are held and the Soul Memory and Journey is not only released it is also understood at the true level – free of any filters or beliefs intruding on it.

And because the mind is being objective the portal to the Higher Self can remain undiluted and so the Soul can connect to the Higher Self.

This is Earth connecting to Heaven in the ancient texts.

So the Soul which has collected a vast journey and memory and has created such distance, space and time between itself and its origin is able to connect with its true purpose.

As long as the mind remains objective and observant the connection to its true purpose is held open and the immersion and reunification process can take place.

The connection here is between the Soul and the Higher Self, the mind does not need to do anything except observe objectively – in fact when the mind tries to do something, to analyze or think, it severs the connection.

Thinking is too slow, the experience and the communication simply needs to be allowed to happen.

The body on the other hand has a far greater depth than the intellectual mind.

As soon as the movement is initiated the body will continue the movement on its own. The fractal memory will move deeper than what the singular mind could perceive. In most cases it is only after several years that the mind can catch up to the depth that the body is able to access.

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Author's Bio: 

Hieu Doan is a healer, spiritual teacher and founding member of Life Mastery Guilds. He was taught and fully trained within the "12 Enlightenment Paths" by the Guild of the Asharem Circle of Light and continues to teach for the purpose of bringing Enlightenment for all sentient beings.