There are four main reasons why people fail to succeed: negative attitudes, procrastination, ignorance about success principles, failure to write down goals, and fear of change. By applying the Seven Laws below you can develop your own success structure.

Nature abhors a vacuum. When you clear out the clutter in your life, something else will fill up the space. Make a list of anything you would be willing to toss out: old ideas, dated materials, old magazines, duplicates, old notebooks and notes you hoped to read someday. Throw out whatever you are no longer using or is no longer current and fresh. It takes some faith and trust to do it.

When we give, we bring the flow of receiving. The expression, “What goes around, comes around,” applies to our business as well as personal life. Whatever we give out seems to come back.

We all have the potential for great success. Sometimes we undermine our own success by forgetting that we deserve it. Try the following three rules to increase your confidence, self-esteem and to attract more success:
Love yourself 100% - assets as well as liabilities
Acknowledge your uniqueness and your special talents.
Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at your mistakes.

Many successful people practice tithing, or giving a percentage of their time, talent, and money to better the world. This reinforces the first two principles - it creates a vacuum, and it gets you into the flow of giving. Experiment for six months and watch the results.

Put your goals into a positive form. Express the goal as if it is already true. This is a positive way to program your mind.

Visualizing your goals is also a powerful tool. Visualize yourself attaining your goal: How do you feel? What are the sights and sounds around you? You can create a collage or picture depicting you achieving your goal to help focus your visualization.

Remember that you are unique. You have something special to offer your family and community. We all want to feel that we are making a difference; that we count. Successful people are those who contribute as volunteers, mentors and as friends.
These laws of success can work for you. It takes a commitment to practice them, a new way of thinking to clear away the clutter, and a willingness to risk. You deserve to invest in your future. Affirm and visualize those goals for success. And, share your talent with the world.

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Dr. Marilyn Manning, CSP, CMC, the founder and CEO of The Consulting Team, LLC, and international author of seven business books, resolves difficult people problems. She specializes in interactive speeches, workshops, and consulting in the areas of Leadership, Teamwork, Conflict Mediation, Executive Coaching, Meeting Facilitation, Strategic Planning, and Communication. 82% of Dr. Manning’s work is repeat business. For more information about Dr. Manning and The Consulting Team, LLC go to her website at