Are the terrible twos myth or reality? It's a great topic to debate at a gathering an it's one which has plenty of support either way from those who have had the pleasure of parenting a child.

Some say they are as real as the sun rising in the east yet others never experienced the tantrums from their children.

In this article, we are going to state categorically that the terrible twos are definitely real and if you're going through them with your child right now, then keep reading.

You've got to understand, there are several stages in parenting a child which mark a milestone in their lives. The "twos" is basically a way of a child announcing it's independence to the world and rather than get upset with it, you need to work through this period with them.

The Terrible Twos - One Couples Story

We've come across several techniques people have employed to help both themselves and their children overcome this period. In one instance, a couple had just about reached their wits end after several months of tantrums and rebellious attitude had really tested their patience.

Their child returned home from a day with his grandparents and seemed in great spirits when he got home. Bear in mind both parents work and usually work long hours. Within two minutes of being home the child wanted to go to the store and get an ice cream.

It was eight o'clock in the evening and time for his bath and bedtime. Well, when the child heard no all hell broke loose. The parents hadn't seen a tantrum from him to this extent and were concerned.

It started with a soft cry followed by a scream, then he tossed himself on the floor banging it with his hands and then proceeded to howl at the top of his voice. His parents didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Is this what parenting a child is all about?

His father finally became fed up and picked him up and put him in his room. There he continued to howl for at least another hour before going off to sleep. Amazingly, from that time on, the terrible twos seemed to disappear and they got their child back.

Did not giving in to the child eventually make it realize that it didn't call the shots? Possibly. This was not something these parents intended to try. It just happened and while it hurt them terribly to hear their child howl and scream for nearly an hour, they are grateful it seemed to do the trick.

Four Tips In Dealing With The Terrible Twos

Here are four tips you can employ if your child is currently having a dose of the twos:

- Employ a regular routine with the child and this includes, meal, play and bedtime

- Set strict limits and stick to them although you're likely to be tested

- Never give in to the child when it goes into a temper tantrum

- Avoid giving the child the choice to choose what he/she wants. You're better off providing choices such as "you can have a, b or c."

Parenting a child experiencing the terrible twos can be a challenge for new parents. Just remember, the child is just announcing his independence in his own way and because of an underdeveloped language skill, is often misunderstood.

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