Are you disappointed, discouraged and discontented with your present level of success? Are you secretly dissatisfied with your present situation? Do you want more abundance, inner peace, joy, or happiness? Do you want improved health, a lighter body, or an end to a food obsession or addiction?

Decide where you are now, and what you don’t want to feel and experience. From there, take another step and clearly define what you do want to experience. Now you know the future direction you have chosen for you life. However, for the dream to become a reality, we have to walk in a forward direction. For a dream to come true of we have to take action!

Taking action means starting at the right place at the right time. Begin by choosing the smallest, most achievable, or most exciting, steps that will create movement toward the desired outcome. Why the smallest steps? First, success builds on success. Secondly, huge, dramatic life-changing solutions rarely work. Instead, major changes are a result of a series of achievable steps which are taken, successfully completed, acknowledged, and then celebrated.

Always remember: No one is forcing you to make changes. This is your life, and the goals you have chosen are yours alone. Only you get to decide if your desires are important to you, and if you will take action. When I began writing my first book, the greatest advice I received was that the only way I would ever complete the book is if I worked on it every day. Through trial and error, I found the wisdom in that advice. What we want to achieve doesn’t happen on it’s own, and it doesn’t happen without effort.

It’s the day-to-day consistent steps that create success. When you are overwhelmed with the enormity of your journey, immobilized with fear, or overcome with a sense of hopelessness, remember that sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other. And yes - even the small steps count! Any action in the general direction of your self-chosen desired outcome will get the ball rolling.

Today, I challenge you to revisit the dreams lying dormant in your heart. What “one step” can you take today toward a desire that seems impossible if you look at the whole journey? Show up in your own life, take that one small step. Just take the step you are ready to take at the moment. You will reach your goal moment by moment, day by day. You’ll feel good moving forward!

Questions for the Journey

What dream do I have that I’m not moving toward?

In what ways am I not showing up in my life?

What actions of my goal am I putting off?

What ongoing problem am I blaming on someone else so I won’t have to deal with it?

What am I complaining about and not doing anything about?

What single step can I take toward resolving the problem and living my dream?

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