People on the hunt to unlock the mystery of success will find the answers they seek within "The Secret Law Of Attraction." This new book blows the doors wide open on one of the most simple and powerful tools available for improving standing and attaining real success on both the personal and professional levels.

Written by renowned life connoisseur and success communicator Sean Rasmussen, "The Secret Law Of Attraction" teaches people how to change their attitudes and lives by simply changing the way they think about themselves and the world around them.

"If you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve greatness, then you are much more likely to receive it," Rasmussen said. "You will start making the effort and taking the steps required to get there. The more you think about it, the more it becomes a part of your subconscious and you start thinking in that 'Certain Way'."

The new book was released to the general public on Sept. 26. Within its pages, readers will discover why positive thinking can make a difference. They will also learn how to change the way they think for their own betterment. The book's easy-to-digest format makes it simple for anyone to understand just how powerful positive thoughts are and how they can incorporate this valuable lesson into their own lives through persistence and by making it a natural reaction to everyday occurrences.

"The thoughts you have make you the person that you are," Rasmussen said. "Choose your thoughts carefully. They will change your life."

Rasmussen points to his own personal experiences as proof of the power of the law of attraction.

"I have changed the way I think and the results have 'arrived' at my doorstep," he said. "Now, I have dedicated my life and career to teaching others to do the same thing. My book can help anyone put themselves on the path to greater success."

"The Secret Law Of Attraction" is available for free to members of Rasmussen's FaceBook Group. It can be accessed at For more information on the book or for an alternative means of obtaining it, visit

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Author's Bio: 

Sean Rasmussen is the founder of Web Vision 2020 and Universal Wealth Creation, both Bunbury, Western Australia-based companies that specialise in teaching others how to unlock their true potential. Rasmussen is a strong proponent of renowned motivation and success philosophies. He began his experience of living "The Secret Law Of Attraction" in 2004. Within 23 months, Rasmussen had "fired his boss" and begun sharing his own insights through free seminars, e-books and a number of Web sites dedicated to teaching people the secrets of wealth and success creation.