You can search for success all your life and read book after book, on how to improve success in your life and after reading all these books still not have that secret ingredient to the success you envision. A lack of success leaves evidence, clues and keys as to why it has not shown up yet and if you put your Sherlock Holmes cap on and instead of investigating the seen with “my dear Watson” investigate the seen with “my dear self-command” you will achieve success. With self-command you can gently look at where you would like to achieve more success and explore that area of yourself for evidence and clues to find the keys that manifest the success you envision.

Success leaves keys and clues and one of the most overlooked keys to success is your “life force.” You will not have strong success without your life force being fully engaged. Life force comes from you and is the strongest ingredient to manifesting success in your success tool kit. Your life force is so empowering that it helps you manifest the seemingly impossible easily and gives you unprecedented courage, strength and drive to act on and become your vision. Life force can move you effortlessly through times in your life that may appear to be wrought with obstacles. If you want true success and command strong self-leadership, you must learn how to operate and empower your life force to give you maximum power and self-command.

The key to operating and empowering your life force, so that you can propel your success vision, is to learn how your life force operates. Your life force is produced by a combination of your thoughts, feelings creating a chemical cocktail that is dispersed into your body and will either impair or empower this force and field of energy that results in the actions you take toward your vision. The equation is simple.

(T+F= body chemical compound) = life force + action = movement toward vision and wanted success)

The key to life force empowerment is to understand that life force is your transceiver. It transmits and receives information to everyone and everything around you all the time. Your success transceiver has transmitting power and that power can be at a low or high wattage. When you have a low wattage life force transmission the success you envision will not easily transmit or be received. If you want more success then you need to turn up the wattage to your life force so it can propel your results.

You do this by paying attention to the body chemical compound you are producing by your thoughts. You produce body chemicals by what you are telling yourself. You can empower your life force simply by observing how you operate and what you tell yourself on a daily basis. Success is built on becoming the picture you envision for yourself. Becoming what you envision means, walking, talking, thinking, eating and acting like the vision you have in your mind, now, you do this now. You must walk towards your vision by implementing the daily practice of who you want to become. You do not visualize until you become your vision. You visualize as you are becoming your vision and your life force will transform and implement that vision until it manifest.

Your life force will become stronger as you move toward your vision and success happens. You will tap into having endless life force because you begin to not just have faith. No, it’s much deeper because you begin to believe. When you put belief chemicals into your body, nothing can stop you from achieving your success.

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Vickie Jimenez is the Author of "Champagne Thoughts and Caviar Power the Science of Results Oriented Thinking." She is personal and business development expert with a joint venture background and 20 years in the industry. She has spoken nationally and internationally. Vickie's Mission is to educate and inspire people to achieve maximum results by empowering them with a strong state of self command. To learn more Visit or