The technology of “thinking” and the science of what it produces is not new. It has been studied for thousands of years by scientists and sages. Many books have been written about thinking. Many masterful inventors, writers and masters of martial arts have spoken about how training your mind is a key part to becoming rich, free, masterful, wise, aware, philanthropic and compassionate.

What is new is that people have started to notice the cause and effect of their thinking. And what results their thinking produces, popularized by recent films such as “What the bleep do we know?” and “The Secret.”

These movies uncovered man’s desire and want to live more deliberately. People started taking more responsibility for what they were creating in their lives and in their world. Authors such as Wayne Dyer started teaching people how to change the way they looked at things and the things they looked at would change. People began to uncover the incredible power of results oriented thinking.

Also unfolding was how their thinking was producing illness, stress, worry and anger. The science of results oriented thinking is the understanding that you create your reality by the thoughts you have, the feelings produced and the actions you take because of the thought and feelings generated.

The science of results oriented thinking takes it a step further when we look at how your thinking becomes habitual in areas that you do not pay attention to normally. Thinking and speaking patterns are learned in childhood and passed down from generation to generation in a family. If you listened to your parents or caretakers talk and speak in complaints, most likely you learned to speak in complaints.

This does not make you a “complainer.” In the science of results oriented thinking this is just a habit not who you are. There is a big difference here because you have fundamentally been trained from the time you were a child to have your thinking brain scan the world to look for things to complain about. You are not a complainer, you are merely experiencing what it is that your brain was trained to scan for and produce.

This is great if your brain was trained to scan and bring you success, health, wealth and the perfect partner. Then you are experiencing what you want. However, if your mind is trained to scan for complaints, fear, anger or depressing thoughts then you are suffering unnecessarily. You can be on medication for no reason at all. You can sabotage your results without knowing it, simply because of how your thinking mind has been trained to scan and produce for you.

Uncovering your thinking minds inner potential to create your reality as you want it, requires that you examine how you have been taught to think and scan the world. Your mind and thoughts bring you back exactly what you tell it to bring you. When you learn how to use the science of results oriented thinking to retrain your mind, you will be masterful and free to design the life you wish.

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Vickie Jimenez is the Author of "Champagne Thoughts and Caviar Power the Science of Results Oriented Thinking." She is personal and business development expert with a joint venture background and 20 years in the industry. She has spoken nationally and internationally. Vickie's Mission is to educate and inspire people to achieve maximum results by empowering them with a strong state of self command. To learn more Visit or