Okay, now that I’ve thoroughly done my little play on words, let’s take a look at the power and magic that comes out of writing. Whether you are writing goals, to-do lists, or your life vision; healing letters to yourself or others; journaling; or just some creative expression, you make your world bigger and much clearer by using your “sword and shield”: your pen and your writing tablet.

When you write a list of goals or things to-do, you create a higher likelihood of accomplishing those deeds. The act of writing, and then actually seeing what you have written, creates a much different experience in your brain versus just thinking about it.

When doing your vision work, your creativity allows you to experience the BIG picture of Life as you dive into the land of possibility. By capturing your life vision in writing, you can now go back and thoroughly re-experience it and keep it close to your Heart and Soul….you begin to live your vision because you see it every time you read it ( which is a good idea to do daily).

Got unfinished emotional business with someone? Write them a letter, and put all your emotions connected to the issue into the letter. Do not sensor anything. Forgive and ask for forgiveness if that is what is needed as well. Write until you feel done. Then create a ceremony in which you burn the letter…..releasing everything from the past and giving it over to the Universe. Repeat this process as often as needed. Write the same to yourself if you feel the need as well.

Journaling can be a great tool for you to stay connected to you. There is no wrong way to journal, and it can be an effective method of checking in with yourself in regards to your goals. It is also a wonderful way to just simply express yourself and your feelings. Sometimes the simple act of writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper helps you to see exactly what is going on, where you need to go, and what you need to do.

We are all poets and writers, but it is easy to be overly critical of ourselves and therefore prevent ourselves from ever picking up the might sword (The pen, remember??). Go ahead, write that poem, those lyrics, that article, short story, or novel…..it matters not what other think (or what you think others think), but rather, how it makes you feel. Write until you feel good, then write some more.

Writing….it’s your right, and in that, you create a rite into a bigger, clearer, and more expressed self….just do the write thing for yourself….you will be glad you did…I am, and I am feeling much better now!...Thanks.

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