Every day more and more new people come to the Net and
receive an easy piece of advice: find a niche, develop a
passion and make millions.

Even though it looks like a complete nonsense and hype, in
its pure nature it is true BUT it's not that simple...

In fact, there is a secret: my own experience clearly says
that you must passionately follow your plan, your star but
this goal of yours must not be money. Ironically, the more
you concentrate on making money, the less you will make.

Your passion must not be making money. You should sincerely,
passionately work for a goal, ideal, dream...

Money is a by-product.

And this gives the answer to the all-present Internet
question: Why do so many people fail?

Easily: if you are on the Net for a while you may notice
that only a tiny percentage of people want really work for
their dreams, they rarely want anything else except fast money
and are ready to buy hype, scam,.. whatever, if only it is
presented as a secret to fast riches.

A little example: if I publish a recommendation for an excellent
tool useful for webmasters to make their work easier, faster,
more automatic, hardly anyone notices. But if I mentioned
half-hyped information related to a stock purchase, thousands
of people are immediately after me chasing me for more.

I do understand the money chase. No one can live without money
and I definitely don't say you should but it's the way that
decides whether you succeed or not.

Chasing money can hardly be a profession like chasing your
luck. This chase makes people exhausted, frustrated,...

The other part of the secret is that the passion for your goal
must be sincere. If you just make yourself do something because
you are told so, it will not work. You won't achieve your goal,
and you won't make any money either.

However, if you become a person burning for a goal, miraculously
you will suddenly attract everything you wish.

In other words, as soon as you develop your working 'success
system', it's only sufficient to fill it with your goals.

I can guarantee every word I say because for all my life I
have been passionately following a goal, a dream with no regard
to the cost or rewards and I have always made big money.

But if I ever worked on something just because I had to, it
never brought any big results. Only a tiny example again: if
I write an article because I feel I have to say somehing or
comment a thing such an article is always successful. And,
if I write an article just because I need it for my next
ezine issue, it's never up to much, I must admit. If you think
a bit, you will find many sample cases like this in your own
life too, I'm sure.

So, if you are in a situation now that you don't make the money
you imagine, are looking for secrets, chasing fast money
programs, jumping from an opportunity to another with no big
profits anywhere, stop for a moment, revise your thoughts,
your actions and goals, and give your life a different turn.

You will see different results very soon.

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