Throughout most of history, true heroes and good guys have been associated with the color white. In old westerns from the 1930’s, John Wayne always had a white hat and horse while the villians wore black. The Lone Ranger also wore a white hat and rode a white horse. Even in the Bible, in the book of Revelation, Jesus Christ is pictured as a warrior king and mounted on a valiant white horse. Horses have almost always served as a symbol of warfare, especially in the Bible. The color white represents purity and goodness, and has always been associated with a champion for others. Thus, a rider of a white horse is one who cannot be beaten, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

What color horse do you ride? In our own personal life and that of our families, are we the rider of the white horse? Despite the economic challenges that face many today, how we choose to live, feel, think and act in the face of pressure will determine whether or not we will be successful in achieving our goals. Sometimes these challenges may seem to have the upper hand and can be overwhelming. However, if we learn to think and act like a champion, our success is imminent because we will refuse to be beaten, we will refuse to give up and we will refuse the negative thinking and complaining of life so prominent today. How you succeed in life and deal with its challenges is in your hands. Casting blame elsewhere is not a responsible act.

Are you the Rider of the White Horse in you own life? Your success depends on it!

Author's Bio: 

Carroll R Emerson owns an investment/accounting firm, is a sales trainer, success coach, author and entrepreneur.