As a speaker - and that includes anyone who relies on their voice as a medium in whatever they do – your voice is the first point of contact between you and the people with whom you are communicating - your clients, your students, your customers, your employees, or your audience.

Your Voice is Your Calling Card...

Your voice is very personal. It is a direct expression of who you are – it is an energetic representation of you – of ALL of you.

The way you present yourself and the way your voice carries your message across are crucial to how you are perceived, no matter what the actual content of your message is, regardless of your expertise.

What does that mean?

It means that it is not just WHAT you say – it is HOW you say it…
But perhaps even more importantly, it is WHO is saying it…

Who is the person BEHIND the voice. What is the message BEHIND the message – what are you transmitting…?

You are ALWAYS transmitting something – so you are ALWAYS communicating, even when you don’t mean to, and even when you are not aware of it.

Using Your Voice Properly Really Means Two Things…

There is your physical voice that is operated by your body and is clearly audible to everyone – and then there is YOUR voice, as in who you are and what you project energetically.

What kind of energy is BEHIND your words?

Do you speak with a balanced, clear and strong energy - or do you sometimes communicate mixed messages when you speak?
Is the message behind the message telling a different story than the one you are attempting to communicate?

We obviously want people to realize how wonderful and amazing we are and how valuable our service is!

This is why, to be TRULY great communicators we simply have to look the full picture.

We need to approach the development of our speaking skills holistically.

We have to do both the INNER and the outer work.

If we want to truly inspire and impact people we cannot afford to ignore to look at our own dissonance if it’s there!

The Resonance of Authenticity…

Body language, voice dynamics and voice technique are all important factors for successful speaking. You can work on all of those and gain a certain degree of mastery purely from a practical perspective.

But what is it on a subconscious level that controls both body language and voice dynamics?

YOU do – the person BEHIND the voice. YOU add life and emotion to the sound and the overall expression.

More important than all the technical stuff that can be learned and that can SUPPORT and greatly enhance your expression, your ability to be powerful, dynamic, resonant and so on; more important than ANY of those is to establish what I like to call “The Resonance of Authenticity”…

What does it take to be an AUTHENTIC speaker, somebody who speaks FROM the heart TO the hearts of people.
Someone who has a purpose and a vision that they are compelled to share.
Someone who feels passionate about that purpose and that vision.
Someone who has a VOICE inside of them busting to get out…

Someone who needs that voice to be heard, REALLY heard – not just in the physical sense but on an emotional level as well.

A voice that reaches out – and into people’s hearts.
A pure un-diluted, authentic voice that represents the real YOU, all that you are – and all that you CAN be.

Your voice is very susceptible to both physical and emotional influences.

Therefore, as a powerful speaker you simply have to be aware of both the voice technicalities and your emotional well-being.

Your voice, your mind, and your emotions work together – always!

If you’re feeling nervous or insecure – it will show.
If you’re feeling small, not worthy, not knowledgeable enough, not successful enough etc.- it will show.
If you’re impatient, anxious, needy, sad or angry inside – it’ll show, and so on and so forth.

If you send out mixed messages, people won’t hear you, or they will hear parts of you that you did not intend or did not want for them to hear - they will subconsciously react with resistance or even suspicion..

Your spoken message will not fully come across in the way that you wish for it to do if your energetic message counter communicates.

Your intended message will be tainted, or diluted or, distorted, or, worst case, simply disregarded.


Listen to you own inner voice.
What is it saying?

What are the things inside of you that might not resonate with what you wish to project?
What is the message BEHIND the message – what are you transmitting?

What could YOU be communicating energetically that is not congruent with the message that you want to communicate?

What do you hear in your own voice?
1 Physically
2 Emotionally/energetically.

A really great way to work on not just your psychical sound but also you energetic transmission is to do is to record yourself. Most people do not like this very much, but it really is great training. So record yourself and track your progress – you’ll be surprised.

To Create Real Impact….
Practice communicating clearly and undiluted and SPEAK not just a conscious level but on an emotional level too.

Practice being totally PRESENT whenever you speak. This will project confidence and balance.

Practice total RESONANCE between you and your message; say what you mean – mean what you say.

Fuel your message with passion and real emotion – and you will move and inspire people beyond your words!

When we are able to connect with that deep authentic part of ourselves that speaks our truth, our wisdom and our passion – we don’t need any gadgets or fancy stuff.
We simply have all that we need inside of us.

We all have a natural Resonance of Authenticity – don’t be afraid to use it!

Listen to your heart and speak in your own voice.
When you do, people will let you in and listen to you with open, receptive ears AND hearts.

To your Speaking Joy and Success,

Suzann Rye

Author's Bio: 

Suzann Rye is a best-selling author, a speaker - and an internationally renowned expert on voice and performance training. Her work is rooted in her extensive stage experience - over twenty years as a performer and vocalist. As a teacher and a coach, Suzann has helped thousands of people find their voices and transform their lives.

Suzann’s work reflects a deep understanding of the human spirit, a trait that has always allowed her to appeal to a broad audience. She typically helps other coaches, teachers, speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, business owners find and nurture their own voice so that they can speak with joy, ease, confidence, passion and authenticity - and teach them how to empower their physical voice, so that they can avoid voice fatigue, and become even more inspiring and dynamic communicators.

Her approach is clearly holistic in nature, working with the whole person, bringing out the true, unique and powerful voice that resides within all of us.

“It is in this voice that we find the gift of self-expression and fulfillment in the highest sense and in this voice that we are able to offer true value, service and contribution to the lives of others”.
Suzann Rye.

A Danish American, Suzann divides her time between Europe and the US.