We are each proud of our own unique identity. Many of us work very hard to establish a good name and a good reputation. So when someone has the audacity to steal our identity and ruin the good reputation and name that you have worked so hard to create, it is very frustrating.
What the criminal is basically doing is taking all the accolades and privileges that you have rightfully earned, and stealing them. No one likes it when someone takes credit for the hard work we have done, like a fellow employee taking credit for an idea that you had with the boss. This scenario is aggravating enough, but when someone gets a hold of your identity they can do immeasurable harm to the great credit and financially responsible record that you have worked hard to get.
When someone sets out to steal an identity they are in essence making a profit from someone else's hard work. There are very serious personal ramifications when some criminal steals your identity. You can bet you are going to suffer financially. The time, money and energy that it will require for you to fix the problem are enormous. Then there are the other consequences, like being denied a new job because of bad credit. You may even have to defend yourself against criminal allegations that can very easily destroy your hard earned reputation.
Regular transactions that you take for granted can become very difficult. For example, your bank, or credit card companies can make tougher terms and raise your interest rates because you have become a liability to them. Trying to find a new job will also become harder. Many employers will now run a credit report on new hires, and it is very hard to convince them that your horrific credit is not your fault.
Trying to rent a place to live can become impossible. Once any one runs a credit report they will begin showing you the door. Trying to travel abroad can also become a hassle if you are actually arrested over the fraudulent charges. Last but not least, you will probably be broke from the legal fees an identity theft lawyer will charge you to help undo the damage.

If this ever happens to you, it will be one of the most frustrating and aggravating things you can go through. You have now become a victim of a crime that has serious repercussions. To fix and restore your good name and credit takes a lot of persistence and it can take years. It will be financially and emotional draining and this type of crime cuts deep because it targets you personally and smears your reputation.

One other thing that will compound the problem is when you first report the crime the police investigating the allegations will look at you first. They will make a determination on whether you are just trying to run a scam, or see if you are an actual victim. See, there are now two of you in the world, the real you and the criminal pretending to be you, so they need to make sure you are, in fact, who you say you are. So initially you may feel like they are being less than helpful and they may actually treat you like you are the thief. After the initial contact with law enforcement, contact an experienced identity theft attorney. They can help you get the process of sorting the whole ordeal out much more quickly.

To avoid the emotional and financial toll that identity theft will have on your life, do everything you can to never become a victim in the first place.

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