Network marketing is coming of age online in a big way. The Renegade Network Marketer introduced MLMers to unfamiliar territory during 2007, that is, the idea you can attract prospects to you in droves.

The Renegade University is taking the concept a step further and providing network marketers with the step-by-step training required to take them from an old school business builder into the 21st century.

Building a network marketing business today needs a shift in thinking if you're still stuck in pre-renegade network marketer days. What's happening at the moment in the industry is reminiscent of previous pre-boom periods when an idea started out as a brush fire and turned into a raging wild fire.

Renegade University Review

When looking for a Renegade University review, bear in mind negatives will be hard to find simply because it's still in it's infancy. It's founder Mike Klingler has seen a need to provide solutions to MLMers wanting to know how to utilize the power of the internet to build their business.

In that respect, he's provided one of the first lessons in becoming successful in the industry and that's through providing an example of being a solutions provider.

Any review of the Renegade University should include what it isn't. It's not an automatic piece of software which is going to put your MLM business on auto pilot and churn out hundreds of prospects.

Attraction Marketing

People starting out online always ask one vital question and it starts with how? Their why is not in question. They know why they want to become successful. They really want to be shown how. The Renegade University is one of the few training grounds which lays out the process in a step-by-step fashion.

Network marketing off line still has a place today but unless you're prepared to move online with your promotion and marketing, then you're always going to be ten yards behind the pack.

Attraction marketing is the process you need to consider if you want an extra 10, 15, 20 or 100 prospects coming to you and wanting to hear about your offer.

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