Orlando, FL - Everyone has chased the “American dream” of home ownership. However, just a couple of years in the real estate craze, lots of dreamers purchased a home with hopes of one day reselling it for profit or keep it for their families future.

Most subprime lenders knowing the opportunity to make a huge profit and ‘trying to help those dreamers with homeownership’ made it so easy for most people to get a not so desirable mortgage and thousands of houses were bought with essentially no down-payment and over priced.

Eager new homeowners and their Realtors© rushed to closings with the good intention of repaying the loans as agreed, some may even have contemplated to refinance once their repayment ability would improve because they knew these loans would eventually start adjusting.

However, many others, came out of the closing table knowing for sure that they had not means of affording the mortgage payments and would eventually end up losing their homes to foreclosure but would enjoy homeownership if even for a short while.

As we know now, the market started shifting quickly, the media has had a field day with the gloom and doom of the industry, home value prices started decreasing at an alarming rate, the time of the homes for sale on the market increased dramatically, and those homeowners that wanted to find a more favorable financing option can not get refinancing which has created panicking and a home ownership nightmare.

Nonetheless, educated real estate professionals and investors can now step in to the marketplace and help many owners and lenders by offering solutions in this time of opportunity, the so called Buyer’s market.

Depending of the individual home situation, savvy investors can offer solutions ranging from negotiations with Subject To, Short Sale, Wholesale, Discounted Retail purchases and Lease Options.

Lots of trouble homeowners, and banks, are desperately looking for someone like you, who is willing to help them and in the process make a profit.

The only thing left for educated investors is take action, go knock on their door or have the homeowners call you or we can help you identify Real Estate Residential and Commercial deals in most markets at deep discounts from 30% to 50% off of market value.

Just take action, the market is ripe, happy shopping!

Author's Bio: 

Axel Lopez is a full time investor, speaker, marketing consultant and leader of the first Hispanic Investors Subgroup in Orlando, Florida and active member the Realtors Association, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals and Investors Resource Center.