There is nothing more comforting to me at the end of a long, hard day than collapsing on the coach and cuddling with Bernie, my big, fuzzy, marmalade colored Maine Coon Cat. I thought I would share another positive benefit to spending time with your fuzzy loved one on your lap. Did you know that recent studies have shown that the vibrational sound frequency of cat’s aids in accelerated bone healing?

Veterinarians have long noted that broken bones heal quickly in cats. Cats’ bones heal faster and more easily after fractures than those of dogs. Veterinary medicine researchers note that 90% of cats who plummet from extraordinary heights survive despite serious injuries. There is also evidence that cats are less likely to suffer postoperative complications after surgery than dogs. There are a number of osteo diseases that are rare in cats, but common in dogs. Cats are also less likely to suffer from osteosarcoma, osteoarthritis and myeloma (a tumor of the bone marrow’s plasma cells).

Cats also suffer far less often than dogs from diseases afflicting the muscles and ligaments. These same low-decibel frequencies similar to that of a cat’s purr, accelerate muscle and tendon healing in humans.

The measurable Hertz of a cat's purr lies between 25 and 50Hz. Frequencies between 20 to 50 Hz have shown great promise in speeding bone injuries in human medicine. A recent study conducted by Dr. Clinton Rubin and his colleagues discovered that sound frequencies of 20-50 Hz significantly increase bone density formation. The study also found this frequency stimulated the healing of broken bones as well as the speed of bone regeneration by 20%. This discovery has significant implications, given the large numbers of people who suffer from osteoporosis (bone loss) as they age. Another study found that following sports injuries, low-frequency biomechanical stimulation of 20-50 Hz, prevented a decrease in muscle strength and mass. One study found that the vibration speeds tendon healing in the ankle, while increasing upper ankle joint mobility up to 19% after injury.

The Bottom Line: If you are a cat lover like me, give your cat lot’s of hugs during the day. Both your body and fuzzy buddy will love you.

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