Focus and feel good…that's it, right? That is all you have to do to get what it is that you want in life through the Law of Attraction. Yes…and no.

Yes you should have a focus and keep your eyes on the focus. And yes you should feel good as you focus but there is much more to applying the Law of Attraction. Here's a list to check to see if you are taking care of all the steps needed to attain the life that you want.

1. Enjoy life now while your desire is coming to you. Most people think that they will be happy when they receive all that they want in life and that is when they will be happy, not now. It really is the other way around. You have to be happy with life and enjoy life now and then the Universe will bring you more to be happy about. Find happiness in everyday things and the Universe will attract back to you the feelings of happiness in your life.
2. Take apart any repetitive negative thought patterns you may have that could be slowing the LOA process down. Part of the reason you may not have the life you want yet is because you have repetitive thought patterns that keep you in the place you are. You have to find your negative patterns and delete them and replace them with positive patterns. This takes time and practice but is well worth it. When you begin to see a change in your repetitive thought patterns, your life will change at a quicker rate to the life that you envision.
3. Keeping a positive focus on what you want even in seemingly bad situations. Just because everything seems to fall apart doesn't mean that your desire isn't coming to you. Keep your positive focus and stay balanced on those days that seem crazy and know that the Universe is just breaking a few eggs for your omelet. (your desires)
4. Know that no matter what you are always taken care of. As long as you know it and trust the Universe, you will have these thoughts and feelings brought right back to you in a wonderful situation.
5. What ever you put out about life and people will come back to you. If you are condemning others, you will be condemned. If you are helping and enjoying others, the same will come back to you.
6. Be grateful for everything in your life and everything that is coming into your life. Need we say more?
7. See life through the 'inner you', your Core Being and not through the eyes of the ego or personality of the physical self. By doing so you will be able to understand why things happen and how everything will come to you because the Core Being that is within you is unconditional love, always approving, and understands everything you do. When you live from this inner you, life becomes much easier to see and understand.
These are just a few to start with to help you attain the life you desire.

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Beth and Lee McCain are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great Law of Attraction radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining and informative. For more information about Beth and Lee products and services, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site