The Sun newspaper. Ah yes, it conjures up images of journalists working for the gutter press,secret tip offs to the Sun editors about the latest huge scandal or great story,of muckraking and gossip creating.This sort of press has always carried on regardless of how the intended victim really feels about it.

They seek out the celebrity getting out of the house at the earliest time in the morning, on the way to the film set or out for a jog in the park.They seek them out going to dinner,the celebrity thinking that they will be left alone just once.The photographers hide in the bushes, lying in wait for that great shot of the actor or royal hopping out onto the balcony topless or naked.

But it has resulted in death,especially of one particular person, the late Diana,Princess of Wales.She was the most popular of the Royal Family and was hounded like an animal by the paparazzi press.Everywhere she went,the photographers would be waiting to catch her in an unguarded moment, when she wasn’t looking her best or in desperation,Diana would scream at them to leave her alone, go away.Yet she was tipping the media herself to the staff of journalists at certain newspapers,which did nothing to stop the media frenzy.In fact it only fanned the flames of the paparazzi chaos even further.Which did nothing to ensure that she had a private life of any semblance.

But when will the tabloid newspaper and the paparazzi ever stop? Several weeks ago, actor Hugh Grant was seen leaving his house and faced with the photographers,he hurled a container of baked beans at one of them,while they were actually filming it.It was seen on the midday news in New Zealand and I sat there looking at the footage.”Oh dear, he’s lost his rag again,” I thought.

I guess they will stop when another serious death happens.How many people will it take to die this way at the hands of the media? How much blood has to be shed just to get the latest scoop or the latest deadline? the paparazzi must stop their relentless pursuit of the latest picture or headline.If they want their intended target to survive, and live into old age, to be remembered for what they did and achieved in their lifetime while they were still alive - and their families to have treasured memories of them - the madness must stop.

Now another celebrity - Britney Spears is now being hounded by the papparazzi everywhere she goes, even if it its to go out to get her nails done or have a coffee at Starbucks.Her recent recovery from her nervous breakdown last year has highlighted the extend these photographers will go in getting their pictures, even when a person is at breaking point.All the bizzare stuff they do and actions are all caught on camera.

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