Only a few people have it. More than half the population would like to get it. The future of America depends on it.

This priceless gift is the ability to create good paying jobs. It’s rare and fragile. It’s fleeting and precious. It’s the foundation of our economy and our only hope for a good future.

It’s only fitting that the wealthiest man in America prior to his death was a down home, soft spoken, pick-up driving retail store owner named Sam Walton.

We’ve all read his story, how he started off and went broke running a small store in a small town in Arkansas.

We know how he traveled around the country looking for better ways to provide his customers with good merchandise at "everyday low prices."

Sam Walton not only revolutionized retailing by giving people what they really wanted.
He also created tens of thousands of jobs all over America.

Men and women like Sam who have that rare mix of courage, creativity and courage are national treasures.

Anyone can work, but very, very few people have the entrepreneurial ability to create jobs.

Our responsibility as a nation is to create the climate of incentives, encouragement and respect that these special driven individuals require to do their thing.

Political and economic policy is good only if it supports and encourages the creation of the companies and jobs of tomorrow.

The kindest thing you can do for another is to give him or her boundless opportunities for meaningful work, self-sufficiency and personal pride.

Use this question as your yardstick to measure a political policy: "Does it help or hinder business growth and job creation?"

If it does, it’s good. If it doesn’t, it’s bad for the future of America. Think about it.

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