Have you ever wondered why some people’s lives seem to unfold effortlessly while others face one disaster after another? Is it simply fate, or are there ways of controlling and improving the outcome of one’s life? By understanding the laws of the universe and the capacity of personal power, you can tap into this power and create a life filled with blessings, joy, abundance, love, and wealth—truly, anything your heart desires.

The Power of Qs

The first step is to understand the Power of Qs (cues). Qs are life’s signals that lead us to transform and transcend the daily struggles and thoughts that often misguide our direction and leave us feeling frustrated and unhappy. Qs are readily available to guide us toward greater health, wonderful relationships, and abundance in all we do. But how do we recognize these Qs? You may find them in the form of hunches, thoughts, ideas, insights, and intuition. They arise within us and outside us; they appear in multiple forms. They may come from people delivering messages, words said on TV, in movies, or in newspapers, or through the vibrations of nature. There is no limit to the Qs we are given or the ways in which they come. Our job is learning to recognize and receive them. While they are always present (whether we recognize them or not), the key is to improve one’s ability to catch the numerous Qs that come our way. To receive Qs, we need to develop the capacity of tuning in.
Tuning In

The first step to tuning in is to take time each day to quiet your mind and listen to your heart. The easiest way to quiet your mind is through focused breathing. By focusing on slow, abdominal breathing for at least 15 minutes, the space in your mind expands, allowing greater access to the Qs that are there to guide you to a better life. Don’t worry if thoughts get in the way—simply refocus on your breathing to increase the space. Once you have the space to tune in, you are then ready to ask.


Whether you have a question about a relationship, money, or a new job, the key is to simply ask and wait to see the results. For instance, if you are contemplating a new career, ask the question, “What is the perfect career decision?” Then, without attachment to the outcome, wait for the Qs that will lead you to the answer.

The amazing thing about Qs is that they come. All you need to do is listen and trust. Once you practice tuning in and asking, it is imperative to learn how to recognize the answers and the various forms in which they come.


One of the biggest challenges is not becoming attached to a particular form in which Qs come. We may have expectations of how Qs should look or what messages they should convey. An illustration of this is the story of St. Peter and John. Whenever John had a problem, he would call on St. Peter. When John heard that a flood was coming, he was not afraid because St. Peter had always provided him with guidance and protection.

Before the flood arrived a man drove by and offered John a ride to safety. John smiled and said, “Thanks for the offer, but St. Peter will save me from the flood.” When the waters began rising, a man on a boat rowed by and offered John a ride. John replied, “Thanks for the offer, but St. Peter will save me.” A few hours passed, and the waters became so high that John had to get on the roof of his home. A helicopter came by and dropped a rope down for John to climb up. John yelled, “Thanks, but St. Peter will save me.” The helicopter left, and John waited. The water kept rising, and eventually, John drowned.
When John got to heaven, he was greeted by St. Peter. John angrily said, “St. Peter, I trusted you to save me. Instead, you let me die.”

St. Peter responded, “John, I sent a car, a boat, and a helicopter to rescue you, but you declined them all.”

John stood in shock and replied, “I thought you were coming to get me; I never considered you would send someone else.”

The moral of the story is not to be attached to how the outcome should look. In fact, one of the most common forms of Qs comes in coincidences.


Once we understand Qs, we realize that coincidences are often the greatest tools to lead us forward. A funny example occurred with Theresa’s daughter, Sophia. One night, while watching television, Sophia asked her mother whether she thought it was a good idea for Sophia to go to Disneyland over spring break. Just as she finished the question, the shout of a group of football players who’d just won the Super Bowl leaped out at them from a TV commercial, saying, “I’m going to Disneyland!”

Many people would chalk this up to a funny coincidence. However, many answers come precisely in that form. As we learn to pay attention to coincidences as Qs, our lives receive answers and direction. The way becomes clear and smooth. Sophia knows this. She chose to follow her hunch, went to Disneyland, and had the time of her life.


Signals are another form of Qs in the universe. We may be on a particular course and we start getting signals—either everything seems to click, or nothing clicks. We may believe we are supposed to pursue a career in interior decorating, but nothing is coming together, and all the while, Qs are directing us toward becoming a builder. Pay attention to signals because they direct us to the perfect situation. When we don’t pay attention, we often move in the wrong direction and find ourselves miserable, losing self-worth and money, and often, losing hope. Remember: the struggle is the problem. Qs in the form of signals tell you when your direction is right or wrong.
Wait, Listen, and Trust

Now that you have a basic understanding of the process, sit back, tune in, and ask your question. Then wait and listen for the answer without attachment, and experience your life unfolding simply and perfectly by following the Qs that the universe so willingly provides. The wisdom of the ages will guide you. When you receive what you perceive as an answer, ask for validation in the form of two or more Qs to convince you that this is, indeed, the right way to go. Then relax, stay alert, and trust in the answer that comes. Herein lies the key to a life filled with purpose, love, and joy.

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