Buying a home is one of the most important decisions we will make in our life. Whether it be a first home, moving to a more suitable space for our current lifestyle, or as an investment property, it is important to select the site that will serve our needs best.

One of the most powerful ways to do this is with the help of Feng Shui. This ancient system has come into vogue in the past several years because people recognize benefits in employing Feng Shui methods in selecting a home. There are many facets to Feng Shui. For the purpose of selecting a home let’s consider some of the things to look at through our “Feng Shui Eyes”. How will the location of the home influence the buyer’s life? For example, living on a hill or flat is important to how life is viewed. Location can influence creativity and expression. The flow of chi (vital energy) through the land may have a direct bearing on whether a buyer will feel comfortable and at ease in a particular home. What effect does living at the bottom of a hill or steep grade have on us? All of the surroundings of the site will have impact on the homeowner. Having a Feng Shui expert interpret a location may be the best investment one can make in selecting a home! This advise could help the buyer avoid many problems.

A house has an energetic “imprint” of the previous occupants. Upon entering a home one may get a sense of this. Does it feel comfortable? After spending some time at the home do you feel anxious even though you like the layout and location? This anxious feeling may be the result of sensing the energy of the previous occupants. In Feng Shui terminology this is known as “predecessor chi”. Perhaps this is a house of divorce, or some other misfortune. But don’t despair….Feng Shui can help! A qualified Feng Shui professional can remove most disasters in a space clearing. This is done through ritual and can have amazing results. The old chi is cleared out and replaced with new vital energy making the home a welcome sanctuary.

These are just some of the factors that contribute to selecting the right property. Through practical and mundane solutions to the more esoteric tools of ritual, Feng Shui principles (as practiced by a qualified and well trained Feng Shui consultant) can ease this major decision.

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MADHU M. BRODKEY is a BTB Feng Shui Master Consultant & Teacher. She is a frequent guest speaker at various events and bookstores, guest on television and radio programs and is a regular contributor to several publications. To receive her free Feng Shui tips send your e-mail address to For consultation or class information call 831-722-3669.