There is a lot of power in a team of three! Have you ever watched someone start a New Years resolution wanting to get back in shape? What do you think the odds are that they will work out and get in shape by themselves over the course of the year? The odds are against them and the statistics tell us their chances are simply not very good. Actually, that is how many of the gyms make most of their money. Less then 80% will continue working out after just two weeks.

Well, what happens if you and I find out that we both have similar goals for the New Year and make a pact to help each other by using our skills to educate the other and motivate each other when we need it? If you guessed our chances are much better, you’d be RIGHT! Now we have a partner we can count on to help keep us on track and for whom we can share the experience. But what would happen if I go on vacation for a few weeks or need some time to focus on my family because of some unplanned events. What is the chance of us continuing on our workout schedule alone?

What if we looked for a third partner to add to our group? Allowing anyone of us to adjust for life’s twists and turns and continue on our journey and goals as a team. Leaving no one out and focusing on the goal of getting in shape while always having a partner would keep most of us in a continued regimen. It keeps it fun and allows us to continue on our journey with no guilt, allowing us to focus on the now and achieve our goals! The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and American Cancer Society latched onto this concept in helping people achieve their fitness goals while raising money for their respective charities.

You see the power of three all around you. One of the strongest associations with the power of three is seen in religion. Each of the different faiths use symbols that indicate a connection to three through forms of triangles which corresponds with the power of three.

The strength in the power of three comes from the significant base of the form as a triangle. If you were to draw a triangle in its truest sense, it would provide a base on any of the edges you laid it on. No angle carries more burden than any other and each angle can function as the base. All points are connected and because they are connected you gain strength. It is also one of the most basic forms of lines that can create volume. If you take two lines you cannot create a “vessel”. However, taking three lines and attaching them at their respective angles creates an inner vessel. That vessel then functions as a mass area where energy can accumulate and reside creating a stronger bond.

The power of three gives you leverage so that everyone can live life to the fullest. The power depends on, and starts with, YOU! You may desire total financial freedom, or an abundance of love and relationships with others. It might mean achieving a certain level of fitness. Maybe it includes travel, partnerships, or free time on your list of priorities. Whatever your definition may be, we all deserve to be fulfilled in whatever direction we choose to live our lives. Regardless of how you define it, to live free is to be yourself and to live YOUR PASSIONS, with no regrets! In this era of the information age, there are any number of instructive websites, books, articles, and audio programs that offer ideas about how to earn more money, have more energy and better health, develop great relationships, and experience more fulfillment and joy. We take the Power of Three to the next level and explain how it can help you achieve what you are looking for. The team at Cash Flow Potentials helps you work with YOUR team of people to find a Personal Franchise Business that matches YOUR goals, which you can run from a office, home, RV, dorm room or work-live space.

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He's been called "Mr. Solutions" and a "Visionary" by many of his friends and peers. At a very young age, Andrew started his own business – based on a solid work ethic acquired from his parents. He was on the startup team of four disruptive technology companies being acquired by Verisign, Motorola or went public. He held a number of positions in operations, strategic planning and marketing.

He has set up and managed businesses in five countries, and has been learning continuously about trends, real estate, investing, business models and, more importantly, patterns of success.

He gets enjoyment from coaching others on life skills – money management, debt elimination, the creation of multiple pipelines of income and, most importantly, discovering someone’s passion and purpose in life.