Recently I had the experience of sharing a mastermind weekend with 8 other high level entrepreneurs from all over North America in the mountains of Colorado.  It was a phenomenal weekend where I learned (or remembered again) that allowing and accepting support is the most significant key to my growth and evolution.
What is interesting to me is that big picture, I am pretty good, I might even say pretty great, at creating support.  In fact, my business is one of those rare business that has such support from past clients that 95% + of all clients are referred and many of our clients actually volunteer their time on course support teams.
What I learned is true for me is that my acceptance of support has been quite narrowly defined, on my terms, and often primarily only related to business, mechanics, and things that are important, yet still somewhat distant from ME.
Support, like everything, has levels of understanding and application. My task is to look more consciously at inviting and allowing support of me, not just business mechanics.  The kind of support that feeds my soul, support that is congruent with my highest levels of contribution. What is it that would support me to take my next step in evolution?  What type of environments, physical, mental, emotion and spiritual would support me most? 
These are fascinating questions to me, and I know that I am not alone.  In the Personal Best Courses, support, specifically the lack of support in life, is an issue that gets in the way of untold experiences and opportunities.  Regardless of your experience of support I will bet that your life, like mine, would benefit dramatically from stepping it up!
So on that note, here are some questions that have assisted me:
How do I define support?
What are my beliefs about support?
What is my experience of asking for support?
What is my experience of allowing support?
What life areas am I great at creating and accepting support?
What life areas do I block or hinder support?
What would increased inviting and allowing of support create?
What areas of life do you require greater support?

On a side note, one of the most entertaining aspects of this insight about support is that for the past 3 months Personal Best has been dedicating the vast majority of its energy to improving customer service and providing powerful long term support for our clients.  It never ceases to amaze me that life and business mirror each other.

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A huge part of allowing and inviting support is expressing gratitude so I wish to say Thank You to everyone in my life who has supported me in that past, and thanks in advance to all friends new and old who will participate in the next chapter in my life.
I look forward to taking another step to integrate the incredible resource of support that I have and invite you to do the same.

Author's Bio: 

Jay is an author, coach, facilitator with over 20 years experience. His book "Reframe Your Blame How To Be Personally Accountable" redefines personal accountability and is a groundbreaking step by step process to release blame and discover your mission in life.