Our unconscious mind is where all of our master programs lie, these are the filters which can create or block us from positive results. Learn how to take charge of the wealth program and put a stop to the wealth saboteur; stop the fear, worry and loss over money.

There are hundreds of books written about wealth creation. People spend millions of dollars per year on tools and knowledge, hoping this will give them the wealth and happiness they desire. With all these tools, methods and programs around why does wealth creation continue to avoid most of us?

In 1926 George Clason wrote a famous little book, “The Richest Man in Babylon” the wealth foundations. His belief and thinking of money was written in clever metaphors. Yet even with all the wealth principles exposed we still feel lost when it comes to money.

There countless people trying to change their thinking and belief about money through practicing affirmations but even with daily practice their results are still unchanged.

There are those who are practicing the three principles from the success of the movie ‘The Secret’ which exposed the universal law; the law of attraction:
1. Ask for what you want, not what you don’t want;
2. The universe will answer yes;
3. Be open for Receiving and practice gratitude.
But even with this exposure people still feel stuck when it comes to money and continue to feel there is never enough, as their results are slow moving or don’t happen.

Can you relate to this?

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

People are continually seeking the answers of how to open the door to wealth, believing that they need to be lucky or born a certain way. But the true secret lies in our sub conscious mind, there are powerful filters that operate automatically without us even being consciously aware.

We are creatures of habit, we do things automatically; it’s like driving our car. We don’t consciously think of every step we need to do next. Once we have learnt something, our subconscious mind creates a program that will fire off automatically. Our minds are wired up this way. This is why it’s hard to change certain habits, behaviours or thinking. But gaining awareness of how they work and questioning certain programs is the first steps to getting what you want.

Early childhood imprinting about money is the crucial point where lack is anchored into the subconscious mind. We belong to a society where “generations of hardship” beliefs were handed down from one generation to another. Survival was crucial centuries ago, and most people lived to the average age of 30.

Our beliefs about life and meaning are handed down through our generations. Repetitive sayings about money cause limited beliefs to be formed and imprinted into our brain neurology. Have you ever caught yourself saying what your mother or father said to you and now you’re saying this to your kids?

Loaded beliefs are similar to limiting beliefs. The only difference is the mind puts everything into groupings or associations, therefore we might have a particular belief about money but then we attach that to another belief. For instance ‘I’m not good enough to have money’. This is why they are loaded beliefs, one limiting belief loads onto another, compounding its affect.

This explains why celebrities who make millions start to sabotage themselves and fall into self destructive behaviours as the money belief is attached to belief of self worth.

These unwanted results are a cause of loaded belief filters creating loss and feelings of not having any control over our lives. These filters match the value and belief we have on the inside and attract the same value on the outside.

Loaded beliefs start at what we believe as true and we state those beliefs as limiting statements, for example I’m not lucky enough, I’m terrible with money etc. Loaded beliefs act as the blockages that weigh us down, making us feel not in control, causing fear, worry and anxiety. They are the weights that invert our wealth funnel and cause the spout to filter in less and funnel the money out to a greater degree.

What do you believe about money? Find your limiting beliefs?

Loaded beliefs cause a shift in focus, focusing on what we don’t want; more bills, more expenses, and more things going wrong. And when we add powerful emotions like fear, worry, concern it reinforces these powerful mind filters attracting what we don’t want like a magnet.

The main concern with ‘loaded beliefs’ is the a chain of thoughts that lower our value, and when we place a lower value over anything we end up in wanting it and it fixes us into an invisible limiting boundary. Because unconsciously we have been programmed this way, we spend most of our lives chasing money, and working hard for money. Living in complete reverse, which is called reverse polarity (repelling money or “falling through our fingers” syndrome).

Beliefs form the invisible magnets to which we attract. It is what our minds sort for to create our current results. This is important to know; these invisible boundaries are not fixed and can be challenged. We believed a long time ago that the earth was flat and that we would fall off the Earth, until Christopher Columbus challenged this thinking.

Become curious and start writing down your limiting beliefs, examine the current results in your life, are you where you want to be?

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International Master Practitioner in Personal Transformation & Author of “Breaking Through: Creating the Top Achievers Results”