Podcasting is one of the hidden secrets to my success in the real estate business. The truth is that today’s real estate industry is influenced by technological advances. Though traditional methods are still used, many more opportunities are available through the Internet.

Most people have no idea of the many possible ways to use Internet based tools to carve out a niche market who seeks what you have to offer, without becoming a pushy salesperson. Podcasting is one of those methods that focus on educating, rather than selling. By podcasting, you can position yourself as a helpful educator, rather than a pushy, commission-based salesperson.

What is a podcast? A podcast is a downloadable radio show. People can listen to podcasts on IPods, computers, or MP3 players. Production of a podcast is simple. You can do it yourself to cater to your clients. I like Podcasts because I can connect with my audience, teach valuable and needed information on topics like mortgages, loans and avoiding foreclosure, and cement my position as an educational ambassador in the real estate field.

Podcasts are popular with listeners because they can listen whenever they have the time. It's like subscribing to an audio magazine. You don't have to be there at a certain time to catch the show. This flexibility is great in an increasingly busy society.

Also, podcasts give you the opportunity to be You-nique. This means that you can use the experience and expertise that are unique to you to attract listeners and create an entire brand around your persona. Each of us has ideas, talents and experiences that make our style You-nique. Listeners like to hear and experience something that is different.

Part of a You-nique style is niche marketing. Niche marketing involves targeting a very specific group (maybe single moms, military families, or minority first time home buyers). You can tailor your podcast towards the niche you are targeting. Meeting the real estate needs of people that you can relate to builds great relationships, which is what will truly drive your success.

As mentioned, podcasting also gives you an opportunity to brand your business. Branding gives clients an emotional connection, and the regular communication of a podcast will keep you on their minds when a real estate needs crops up. You can add a blog to your podcasts so that clients and potential clients will feel a personal connection to you knowing they can respond to what they just heard through your podcast, or ask questions.

The number of visitors you have to your website can increase through podcasting. Whether people are dealing with foreclosure, looking for loans, or calculating mortgages, they can surf your site while downloading your podcast. Of course, your podcast will be full of information on those topics as well. People hate to be sold, but they love to learn. So become a teacher.

By using podcasts as a tool, you can increase relationships, trust with clients and traffic to your website. Podcasting is a smart and underutilized way to increase the success of your real estate business.

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Butch Grimes Real Estate guru, community activist, renowned industry leader whose books, national tours and educational approach to real estate and technology have made him a sought after figure in the California and national real estate markets. Butch Grimes Popular radio show and podcast at WeTalkRealEstate.com. Innovative real estate and social networking site at WeTalkradio247.com.