Mars turned retrograde November 15th, 2007 and will begin moving direct Wednesday, January 30 at about 330 Pacific Time. This retrograde cycle of Mars have provided a time of reflection on certain mental concepts - how things should or shouldn't be - in your life. This process may have been quite frustrating and something very important may have been destroyed and suddenly taken away from you in order to release you from certain physical constraints and mental ideas.

Mars is the planet of strength. He tries to strengthen us. This destruction has tempted you to react with anger and to bring about a new path of destruction as a way to feel vindicated perhaps. But the larger purpose of Mars is to make us disciplined and courageous enough to face our self truthfully - to face these mental concepts and narrowing opinions with greater courage, rather than lash out at those on the outside who in our narrowmindedness have "victimized" us in some way.

The black-and-white approach of Mars is really only good for one thing, action, and that's the way it should be. Every planet does one thing really well, and everything else rather badly. Yet this retrograde cycle has taken place in Gemini, a sign of ideas, flexibility, freedom from black and white, narrow thinking. To use an analogy, Mars is like the rebellious, wild and uncontrollable child within us. As this energy grows up, it may becomes like a rebellious, punk energy that is misdirected, or it can be that independence that rebels against convention, courageously becoming a positive reformer, even a great spiritual being like a yogi. Mars is a principled action. And don't we always argue because of "the principle of the thing". When you put this hot, action oriented energy in the sign of Gemini, there could be a lot of overstimulation and misdirected mental energy. Gemini is symbolized by a game room, a casino, or in our more modern terms, a video game parlor or a 24 hour Internet connection. Have you been a bit of an Internet junkie since last fall - Craving more and more types of information, yet integrating very little of it? Welcome to Mars in Gemini.

At least he will start moving forward again. But he will be in Gemini until the end of April so we still have the possibility of being the punky kid run amok in the casino or smoking from the crack pipe of violent video games. Yet, there is also the possibility of directing and focusing all the information we've been gathering lately toward the higher purpose we are trying to manifest right now. And as I've been indicating, the Jupiter/Saturn trine has us all thinking big, dreaming big and wondering how to put it into place.

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Sam Geppi has over 20 years of Vedic Study and experience. He is a Hatha Yoga instructor and certified Vedic Astrologer and Teacher through the ACVA (level 2) as well as author of "The Ascendant". Visit His Astrology Forum and Community - Also Get Free Daily horoscopes at his website