So far we have discussed the areas of thoughts and words. The third secret of the three secrets of manifestation is our deeds. The ability to make sure that all three of these secrets line up with what you truly desire is essential for your ability to acquire those desires. The ability to understand these three secrets and make them point toward what you want is one of the most powerful things you can commit yourself to understanding and using in your everyday life. There is no greater control on the planet than self control. There is no greater knowledge available to man than self knowledge. Learn to pay attention to yourself and the universe will bow to you and deliver to your door step everything your heart desires.

The third secret of the three secrets is deeds. Our deeds are just that, our deeds. Our actions. The actions we take every day dictate what our tomorrows will be like. Yesterdays thoughts, words, and deeds dictated what today was like for you. Your thoughts, words, and deeds today dictate what your tomorrow will be like. Life is really that simple. Everything is a cause and effect. If you want your tomorrow to be different, you must do things differently today than you did yesterday. Many times people hope for a better tomorrow, yet they do nothing to make that happen. All the work in the world on thoughts and words without any action will also do absolutely nothing for you. True, your daily life will become a little bit better, however, with out the realm of actions, nothing gets created in the world. You must learn to take action and you must learn to do it the moment the inspiration strikes you. Do not wait to become motivated or for a better time or for something else to happen. Take action right now and don't stop moving until you get to where you want to go or you fall over dead trying. Remember that action begets motivation. Start moving and the motivation to do more will follow. The first step is always the hardest step of everything.

Our actions are a direct reflection of what we think and what we say. If we think we cannot do something, we will talk as though that is true, and we will act to make that a reality. We must be sure that our thoughts and emotions are in alignment with what we want. We must make sure that we are speaking those things into existence. We must also make sure that we take at least one step every single day toward what it is we want to create. Thinking about it, talking about it, and doing something about it is the only way to create the life of our dreams.

Our actions can be expressed in many different ways. Most people think of building a house in terms of hammering nails and cutting boards, but the process is a combination of tons of actions long before the hammer and nails ever come into play. First someone decides (thought) that they want to have a new house. Then they begin to plan (words) what it will take to make their house a reality. They decide to go (deed) to a bank to find out how much money they can get. After they go to the bank and get an approval for the loan, they find (deed) an architect to design the house. By sitting down with the architect and planning out the house (both thought, word, and deed) they come up with a plan. They then go back to the bank and get the check for the amount of money they will need. They find a contractor who then goes out and sub-contracts to other contractors for individual parts of the building process. But we are not even close to ready for the hammer and nails yet. We still need people we haven't even considered yet to take action. To do their part. We need truck drivers to drive materials all over the country, especially to our home town, so that we have the materials to build the house. Before that even, we need people to make the materials. Everything from mining the metal to ship to the factory that makes the nails and the hammers to the people who cut down the trees to ship to the saw mill who then ships to the lumber yard to dry the lumber and then sell it. There are literally hundreds of actions leading up to what we see as a built house.

We must realize that our actions all began way back when our beliefs were developed. It takes 21 days to develop a habit, and our actions are habits. The majority of people go to work for eight to ten hours a day. After that, they go home and plant their butt in front of a television until dinner is ready. Then they eat, and go back to the brain drainer, I mean television. They go to bed and start the whole habit process over the next day. Instead of taking some action each day to move them in a direction that will get them to where they want to go in life. We must be completely aware of our habits and how we typically go about our daily lives. The actions we take, the thoughts we use, and the words we speak with. Action is a very simple process in the whole chain of creation. We either do something or we don't. Period. It is all the processes building up to that and our habits that decide whether we will take that action or not. We must make sure we get past the negative feelings of not wanting to do something or not taking action. Once we are able to fight through those feelings and the rationalization that we use to justify why we shouldn't do something, we are half way toward getting what we want. Simply be sure to take action every day, keep your thoughts on what you want, and speak it into existence and you will surely realize all your dreams.

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