The three secrets of thought, word, and deed can help you create the life of your dreams. Of course, they can also help you create the life of your nightmares also. The good news is that it is your choice which one you get. The bad news is that it's your choice which one you get. Our lives are designed by the power of our choices, and we have no one else to point the finger at when things don't go the way we wish they would. It is all in our hands, and what we do with it is completely our responsibility. Learning to use the three secrets properly can create absolutely amazing results in our lives and an enjoyment that few people ever realize.

The second of the three secrets that you must learn to bring into alignment with what you want are your words. Your words are a direct reflection of what you belief to be true about yourself and the world around you. To a trained ear, every single word is a direct reflection of what you are creating in your life on a regular basis. The words you choose to use. The tone of your voice when speaking about things. The emotion that does or does not come through when you communicate. The way that you refer to things. The way that you chose not to refer to certain things. The value that you give to certain words and sentence structures. The list goes on, and anyone who knows what to listen for will pick up on these things. More importantly, learning to listen yourself can make all the difference in changing yourself at the level of thought and emotion.

Learn to pay very close attention to the words you use. As said before, they are a direct reflection of the reality you are creating for yourself. Vow to yourself right now to take words that come from a negative standpoint out of your vocabulary. Words such as can't, could not, don't and won't are a good start. If only, I would have if, I shoulda, coulda, woulda. All of these are phrases and words that you should stop using right now. Also learn to change future tense words to present tense. When I get... should be phrases as I see myself with or the car I have is... This is a very powerful way of expressing yourself. Using words that express yourself in the future tense keep those things you want in the future. Learn to express your desires in the present tense as though you already have them. Changing words and phrases that express the thoughts and feelings of not being sure if you could possibly accomplish that also need to be kept in check. Words such as if, can't, don't, and won't are very powerful words that keep you from acquiring what it is you desire. For example, I hear the statement "I would take martial arts if I were younger" all the time. As if someone who wants to mug you cares how old you are. However, this is the logical mind expressing the thoughts and feelings of a poor self perception. What someone who says that to me is really saying is that I'm not positive I can actually do it and I am afraid of being humiliated by not being able to do it. Not to mention the fact that no one who comes in off the street is able to do martial arts perfectly the very first class they take. Many people who study for years are still not any where near perfect.

Learning to state things in the positive tense is also a very powerful way to begin to transform your every day life. There is an amazing psychological factor to the way the mind processes things. For example, if I say don't walk to the kitchen, your mind has to first process what walking to the kitchen looks like before it can process the negative of that. The mind cannot process a negative without first processing what it is you are telling it not to do. So often times someone finds themselves doing exactly what it is they didn't want to do. They tell themselves don't forget, don't forget, but what are they really programming themselves to do? Forget! Instead of using the word don't or not, learn to phrase things in the positive. Instead of saying don't forget, learn to say remember, remember. I am amazed at parents who tell their three year old child "don't touch that," only to watch the child touch it. What the parent often times doesn't realize is that they are telling the child, unintentionally of course, to touch. The mind doesn't process the don't until after it processes the touch.

Learn to pay very close attention to the words you use and how you use them. Especially when they relate to what you believe is possible for you or what you are deserving of. Your words are a direct reflection of what you think and feel about, as well as what actions you will take. Moving into the deed part of the three secrets, we will take a look at the actions you take and how they move you toward what you will be getting, or how they move you toward what it is you want. First though, you must learn to align your thoughts and words up so that you will begin to take action in the necessary directions to create the life you want to live.

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