Here is the good news, everything in your life you have created, and everything you want in your life can be and will be created by you. Here is the bad news, everything in your life you have created, and everything you don't want in your life will be created or not created based on you and your ability to understand and use the law of attraction. There are three ares of our being that we use to create our reality and the reality around us. A good understanding as well as a good application of these three areas can yield incredible results in your life.

The three areas of creation that are within your power to use to better your life and create the life of your dreams are thoughts, words, and deeds. These are the three secrets of manifestation and they are always working whether you want them to or not. The good news is that they do work, all the time, every time. The down side is that if you do not align them with what you want, they will be creating a life and world around you that you do not want. With some practice and understanding though, you can learn to use them as tools in your box of creation to help you create the world you want to live. As a painter takes a blank canvas and creates a master piece, these three secrets are your brush and paint to create the master piece called your life on the blank canvas of time and history.

The first of the three secrets are your thoughts. Thoughts also include your emotions. Typically, our thoughts are spurred by an emotional reaction. After we have an emotional response to something, we use our thoughts to justify with logic why we have that emotional reaction. Everything that was ever created and will ever be created was first an idea spurred by an emotional response. Often times, ideas that come into reality have their roots much further back than most people are able to see. The light bulb was spurred by the creation of electricity and fire. Electricity was spurred by the emotion of curiosity toward lightening. Chances are, lightening started the whole process of the light bulb way back when man discovered fire. A fire that was probably started by lightening to begin with. So the emotional reaction of curiosity toward lightening and fire started the chain of thought that would last for thousands of years, eventually leading to the invention of the light bulb, which has also spurred the genius of modern day to create even more amazing technological advancements.

The second of the three secrets are our words. Our words are a direct reflection of our thoughts and beliefs and perceptions of the world. If you learn to listen to what people say, how they say it, what words they choose to express ideas, and the words they use to relate to those ideas, you will begin to get a very clear picture of their inner ideas and beliefs about the way the world works and their place in the world. For example, someone with low self-esteem will often refer to their ability to do something in a negative way. Many times using the word can't. I can't, or I could never do that. Find someone with high self-esteem and the worst you will usually hear from them I'll give it a shot! Unless someone with high self-esteem knows they absolutely cannot do something, they are at least willing to give it a shot and see what happens. Even when they can't do something, there is often a choice of words that shows the willingness to try. Our words are a direct reflection of what will manifest in the world as they are also a direct reflection of what we think and feel and believe.

The third secret is deed. Deeds are the actions we take. These are also in direct alignment with our thoughts, emotions, and words. If one thinks they can't, they will speak as though they can't, they will feel as though they can't, and they will surely fail if they even try at all. Often times, most people never get to this part of the process simply because they have shot themselves in the foot way back in the belief and thought stage of the process. How many times have you heard someone say "I will never be rich," and then watch their actions prove that to be true. They spend more than they have saving very little if any at all. They never read to further their education so that they would at least stand a chance. They don't even so much as get a better job to try and make at least a little bit more money. Then they hang around other people who think, talk, and act the same way, keeping them in the same boat that they were in without those people. Birds of a feather flock together as they say, and it is totally true.

These are the three secrets of manifestation. Everything you have in your life right now was created because of this process. Everything you will have tomorrow will be created by how you apply this process today. The key to success with this process is to align what you feel, what you think, what you say, and what you do up with what you want. If you want to own a 3 million dollar home, you must start by feeling with every single fiber, no, every single atom of your being that you can and do have it right now. You must be able to see it in your mind the way you want it to be. You must be able to think that you have it right this second and you are simply waiting for it to show up as you would a package from UPS. You must speak as though you have it, right now, right here. You must act as someone who owns a 3 million dollar home would act. You must take action to help bring that home closer to you. If any one of these steps is out of alignment with your truly desiring a 3 million dollar home, you will have a very difficult time getting that home.

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