Choosing the perfect gown is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding. It is an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Some brides consider choosing the dress to be a tiresome and difficult experience. But it does not have to be. With the right thought and preparation, shopping for the perfect wedding gown can be a fun and exciting experience.

Use the top ten tips listed below to help you find that perfect wedding gown.

1) Start Early

Start your search as early as possible. Special orders can take several months to arrive.
Alterations can take more time.

2) Do Your Research

Look through bridal magazines to find styles that you are interested in. Bring photos
of the styles you like with you when you shop.

3) Consider the Type of Ceremony

Choose a dress that is appropriate for your ceremony. For a formal wedding, a long
gown with a train makes a beautiful choice. A two piece suit or short dress is
appropriate for a less formal ceremony or a visit to the Justice of the Peace.

4) Consider the Season

Remember to choose lighter fabrics for the warm months of summer. Choose heavier
fabrics for the winter.

5) Follow Your Style

Choose a dress that fits your style, personality, and figure. Just because the dress looks
good in a magazine or on a hanger does not mean it will work for you.

6) Bring a Friend Along

Take someone along with you to shop- your mom, your sister, a bridesmaid-someone
who will offer an honest second opinion when needed. Wedding gown shopping can
leave you unsure and confused. Taking along someone with your best interests at heart
can really save you from making the wrong choice.

7) Select a Budget

Choose your budget and stick with it. Wedding gowns can start at one hundred dollars
and go into the thousands of dollars. Decide how much you want to spend and don’t
spend more. You are sure to find a dress to fit your style as well as your budget.

8) Comfort

Once you find a gown you like that is within your budget, make sure that it is
comfortable. Since you will be spending several hours in it-standing during the
ceremony, taking photographs, dancing the night away-you’ll want to be pleased.
make sure you can bend, sit, lift your arms and hug your guest freely without
needing to adjust your dress. Comfort is important on your big day.

9) Buy It

Once you find the dress of your dreams, buy it. Stop looking. If you wait to shop
around more, your perfect dress may be gone when you return.

10) Have Fun

Choosing a wedding dress is an exciting experience. Don’t get stressed over it.
Just remember to relax, have fun and enjoy.

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