Have you ever read a real exciting email that tells you that you can get rich in a very short time, and that this person, Mr. X, has discovered just how to do it? This email or sales page will probably be accompanied by a interesting story, or a snapshot of their Pay Pal account, showing money flowing in. What it took me 3 years to understand is that if these people were really rich, why are they still grubbing for my money? Why do I receive 3 and 4 emails every day from these guys?

Then I began to study copywriting. Copywriting is the science of persuading people to buy something, to engage a person emotionally so they’ll try your product. When you read one of these clever marketing emails or sales pages, written by a good copywriter, it can make you feel like the person selling you is a multimillionaire who has not a care in the world, with money just rolling in. And you feel like you want in, too. What I realized is that these guys are making tens of thousands on each marketing campaign, but they are also spending tens of thousands. That’s why they have to keep stuffing your inbox every day. Maybe it’s a lot of fun for them, and that’s the best motivation for anything, as long as you, dear reader, understand that their road to success doesn’t have to be your road.

Success is what you define it to be.

One of these marketers brazenly admitted that his copy was fiction. He told you to copy his Clickbank picture, put it up on your site, and claim to have made that money, even if you didn’t. And even if he didn’t. That guy shall remain nameless, but I know it’s true, because I bought his product. And then I erased it from my hard drive, because it was totally lacking in integrity.

So the message is, don’t envy these so-called rich guys. Don’t envy the movie stars or the rich models or the guy down the street with the million-dollar business. Because every one of these people have problems in other areas of life. Envy just puts you in a lower vibe of looking up to someone, hoping you can be like them. You don’t want to be like anyone else. You want to be YOU!

You want to acknowledge that you have a unique viewpoint to offer to the world, and that other people want to hear about it. If you read that last sentence and you thought it was wrong, or felt a back-off, or felt uncomfortable, then you have not yet placed your feet on your personal path to power. Because happy (and successful) people know this unquestioningly. To be happy, you must express yourself. Remember that great quote from MaryAnn Williamson? About how most people aren’t afraid of the darkness, but their own Light? Well, the way you shine that Light is to tell people about who and what you are. That’s a “formula” for happiness that you can count on, my friends.

In order to be happy you have to be self-expressed. And self-expression is just that: telling people, in whatever medium that is most appropriate for you, all about yourself. Notice that I said “ALL about yourself.’ The happiest people are those who are the most fully self-expressed. Even if you are ill – and I was ill for the past three years with mercury poisoning in my body and brain – self-expression provides relief, because it gives you a creative outlet. It connects you with you, and with the universe.

Happiness is more important than success. Happiness IS success! Success, however you define it, is just the icing on the cake. Don’t let the Law of Attraction marketer (or anyone else) define what success is for you. You get to define what success is for you. You can accumulate all the junk you want but if you are not happy, then your life is a waste. If you don’t understand that yet, you will eventually.

Finding your own personal desire will make you happy, and fill you with a vibrancy, a brilliance, and a sense of purpose. This will lead to self-confidence as you begin to express yourself more and more, and on deeper and deeper levels.

So become your own Law of Attraction marketer! Offer yourself a vision for happiness and success, and take yourself up on it. You can’t possibly fool anybody doing it this way, and those who say you are just fooling yourself are either jaded cynics, failures, or scumbags who don’t want you to be happy.

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Kenneth James Michael MacLean has written 8 inspiring books, over 100 content-rich articles, and produced two movies.
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