We cannot change the laws of nature, but we are can successfully adapt to them.

It is necessary to view each disease as a lesson from which we can learn. From the moment the sick person openly acknowledges the existence of his illness, he has taken a step forward in his fight with the disease.

The first step on the road to fostering resistance against disease is the beginning of your self-education. Each painful sensation is the impetus toward the knowledge of the new, which asks for some strength in the search for the truth. Each time you ask yourself: “Why is it me and why does some terrible fate force me to seek ways of deliverance?” Each new step in the search for the answer means another step toward healing.

Conversing with our subconscious, we find the reason for our physical state, and then, we continue the search for clues to eliminate the illness. If necessary, traditional methods using medicine and surgery can be of service. However, at the same time, one can also employ the old ways of healing, such as herbs, positive affirmations, breathing exercises, acupuncture, or the use of special invisible forces through those unique individuals – the healers.

Trust your subconscious. It will prompt you to make the right choice, and your chosen guide--educator, doctor, counselor or your family friend who, for a time will become an intermediary between you and the Higher Forces of nature--will be your teacher.

Throughout the process of realization, the need for spiritual transformation changes the soul and the healing of your body begins. I cannot even talk about healing of the body if the person will not embrace a feeling of tender love and respect towards himself as an individual. This is the key to the healing process.

To achieve self-respect, I remind you to love yourself, your body and your soul. I recommend looking in the mirror and talking with your reflection as you would with a close friend. Speak about your worries and how you respect and love yourself despite physical or mental deficiencies. Tell yourself that your love grows proportionately to the number of wrinkles on the face, folds on the stomach, and number of ailments. You can promise to be loyal to yourself and to give complete support in the process of recovery.

The “I” that knows all that has happened in previous incarnations and generations will receive invaluable information through such conversations and will retain it forever. Make this self-contact every morning or evening as often as possible, and you will start to rejuvenate.

Look into the depth of your memory, for you may find answers to what caused diseases and problems appearing later in life.

Path toward healing are within us and only we create the pathways for healing.

Those who support us are only guides to our health.
© Rachel Madorsky
"Create Your Own Destiny!"

Author's Bio: 

Rachel Madorsky is an internationally renowned medical intuitive and healer in the field of bioEnergy healing and Energy medicine and an author of numerous books and articles.

She authored several books including, “Symphony of Your Karma,” “Create Your Own Destiny,” “Karma of Your Destiny,” “Energy and Health of Man” and “Your Choice.”