You've met with the client. Provided a proposal. Asked when they wanted follow-up. You felt the meeting went well and secretly you were counting the dollars and where you were going to spend them.

And then you've...
Called, e-mailed, Called, e-mailed, Called, e-mailed, Called, e-mailed, Called, e-mailed, Called, e-mailed, Called, e-mailed, Called, e-mailed, Called, e-mailed (deep breath!) until you're blue in the face??

And NO ONE is getting back to you?

And quite frankly, you're starting to feel like a loser with no friends?

Oh Honey - They're Just Not That Into You

OK relax. This is just ONE of the reasons why people don't get back to you.

Some other reasons are:
•your pricing was out to lunch
•they like the competitor MORE even though you were cheaper
•your proposal was too ordinary and didn't show WHY you were different
•their budget is much smaller than they anticipated and they're embarrassed
•you don't have any credibility or testimonials and you feel RISKY
•you just weren't a great fit but they don't how to tell you.
•they were fired and now your proposal is lost in a sea of paper.
•they are swamped with an emergency and you just aren't a PRIORITY
•and about a million other reasons too long to share here.

Now be honest.

Remember the last person you DIDN"T CALL BACK? (I'm sure it was just a few days ago.)

You may have connected with any of the above reasons or you just can't stand being cold-called (I definitely fall into that category).

Sometimes - it just doesn't feel like a YES.

So What Do You Do?

Well - I have a quote from my friend Albert Einstein:
"The definition of an idiot is someone who keeps doing the same thing and expects different results."

What isn't going to work is if you keep sending the e-mail and calling them. Or worse - you get all nasty and leave a rude e-mail or voice-mail. (I can pretty much guarantee the response on that one!)

Do What I Do.

Let them Stew In Their Own Juice. (yes - a quote directly from my mother).

Remember...the worst thing you can do is CHASE. Selling is all about ATTRACTION. This doesn't mean you sit on your duff and watch the world go by.

But what it does mean is that you don't sit by the phone waiting for that elusive customer to make your millions. (or your mortgage)

Let them stew in their own juice (which means they'll soften up all by themselves) and then think of a NEW STRATEGY.

Here are some random ideas:
•send them the latest business book - say " I saw this and thought you'd be interested" - but DO NOT mention your proposal.
•send them a postcard - something funny - maybe the one with the skeleton on the bench with some flowers..."Waiting for the perfect man"
•Send an article on something they are interested in.
•call a different may be talking to the wrong person.
•ask them if you could interview them in your e-zine or tele-class (only if it makes sense and your readers/listeners would love them)
•send them some PR you've received - have you been in the media lately?

You're not a loser. You have a good product or service. Keep breathing.

Let them stew in their own juice and then YOU get creative....and remember chasing the one that doesn't want you just gives you sore feet.

So there.