I recently read a book called The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. It is a short book, only 130 pages, but reading this book has changed my perspective on life and particularly on my businesses. The book also brought to mind one particular person in my life, Chris Hutcherson.

The book talks about five simple principles, The Law of Value, the Law of Compensation, The Law of Influence, The Law of Authenticity, and The Law of Receptivity. By remembering these three laws and putting them into practice, you can achieve great things not only for yourself, but for others as well. Chris built the Internet Television Network (real name to be released soon—keep your eyes open!), using these very principals—even more the book was published!

The book has several important ideas, but the overriding theme is running your business with a servant’s heart. Ever since I have known Chris, he has gone out of his way to insure my success as well as the success of everyone that has been involved in this business. He has always gone out of his way to make sure everyone was informed and engaged.

He has also structured the business such that he is giving as much as possible back to the investors and the affiliates. Most people in business, especially these days, seem to be working on how they can keep the most money for themselves with little regard to the people in the trenches. The fact that Chris has continued to give is an inspiration on how a business should be structured.

The Law of Influence states, “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” I am continually amazed by the people that Chris is able to bring to this organization. It is a testament to his influence. Almost from the very beginning, people that head about the Internet Television Network wanted to get involved. What is even more amazing the calibers of those people—some of the best in the business. The result is an incredibly strong company that will be in a position to reach millions of people.

No matter what happens with the Internet Television Network, I would not have traded working with Chris Hutcherson over the past year for anything. Building the Internet Television Network has been exciting and fun. The experience has changed my outlook on business and my life forever.

Author's Bio: 

“Dr. Robin”, the well known MLM Radio personality is an Eagle Scout and 24 year U.S. Army and Army Reserves veteran. While still in the Army, he began building his “honorary” doctorate in the Network Marketing world. He built a huge Amway organization in the tens of thousands. He later was a top producer at A.L. Williams and has had experience in numerous other network marketing companies. He is a nationally recognized expert in the network marketing business with the following credentials: Certified Network Marketing Instructor since 2005, Certified Network Marketing Mentor since 2005, Certified Network Marketing Scholar since 2006, Certified Master Network Marketer since 2007. Dr. Robin is also considered an ambassador for network marketing as well as serving in the capacity of policing the companies that do not positively represent the industry. Dr. Robin has been the host of several radio shows (KEN I, KDEF, KKIM, KQAK,). He is currently involved in five network marketing uplines with thousands of distributors in his organization. Did we forget to mention; he has done all of this in the past several years and Dr. Robin is blind? Dr. Robin is the current host of his radio show, "Networking with the Blindguy" with up to 3.8 million listeners.