Stress is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’ due to its effects on the body over time. One more subtle negative side effect of increased, long term stress is depression, affecting millions of people around the globe. It is important to point out that stress is a normal response for the body to a variety of regular stimuli. The concerns surrounding stress are derived from its possible long term effects if left unmanaged.

Scientific studies over the past few years point to a correlation between individuals experiencing elevated anxiety (stress) and depression. Depression is most likely to develop when an individual experiences compounded stressors from a variety of facets of their lives. When multiple stressors affect an individual who is not properly equipped with coping mechanisms can develop depression as a result.

Change can also be attributed to individuals experiencing depression. When someone undergoes a variety of changes within their lives, particularly when over a short period of time, they are susceptible to developing depression symptoms. Common changes that present challenges include moves, divorces, births, deaths, job changes and financial challenges. While any one of these changes on their own may not be significant enough to produce depression symptoms, when they are compounded together over a short period of time, they can challenge an individual’s body.

As stressors develop, individuals may feel their mind and body shutting down. When this occurs, fatigue increases, sleeping increases and it can be challenging to endure day to day tasks and requirements.

But, there is good news. Individuals who learn how to effectively manage stress within their life over time experience less incidences of depression. So, while there is a proven link between stress and depression, proactive lifestyle changes and habits can reduce the overall effects that stress can negatively have on the mind and body.

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