Not many have heard of Lemuria (Mu, Lemu, Sundaland), though knowledge of this ancient lost continent is starting to resurface in the consciousness of humankind. Most people who are seeking knowledge of Lemuria or who are drawn to Peru may subconsciously be reconnecting to a past life memory of that place.

The short story: Lemuria, a content once situated in the Pacific, is a big chunk of the missing link between mysterious gaps in ancient human history and some of the ancient wonders of the world. Few people are aware that scriptures, monuments and stone tablets of the ancient Maya, Inca, Tibetans, Hindu and other civilizations speak of a migration from a land in the Pacific Ocean from which they originally came. After a period of living underground--in refuge from a great cataclysm--Lemurian migrants traveled to what we know think of as the early cradles of civilization, such as Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, Egypt, and the Indus Valley.

Unlike the citizens of Atlantis, the more mystical and spiritually enlightened Lemurians foresaw the coming cataclysm and were prepared. Gathering their wisdom, knowledge, and deep history of the true origins of Man, Lemurian record keepers began to store their information safely in the Andes mountains of Peru, as well as in natural caves and power spots there. Once such place: Machu Picchu, the once fabled lost city that we now know to be real. While the Spanish conquered most of Peru, they were never able to find Machu Picchu. Master shaman and historian, Don Victor Estrada confirms that Machu Picchu, as well as other "lost cities," had been protected from outsiders by magical seals that could not be opened until the appropriate time. Machu Picchu was "rediscovered" in 1911. However, Inca shamans today continue the tradition of safeguarding the ancient knowledge until humanity can handle the truth.

Hints of the vast scientific and metaphysical knowledge of the ancient Lemurians can perhaps be seen most readily in the mystifying monuments and other structures built by their proteges, the Inca, Egyptians and other great civilizations. Of the Lemurian continent itself, only one city has been found so far: Tiahuanaco in Bolivia right across the Peruvian border. The ancient city is estimated to be between at least 10,000 - 15,000 years old, making it the oldest known city in antiquity. We'll be visiting Tiahuanco during the second leg of our Peru vision quest this August (2009) and we'll explore other Lemurian artifacts and cosmic surprises while we're there. Join us! Take a look at what our master shaman and guide, Don Victor has planned for our visit to the ancient Lemurian city:

Puno / Desaguadero / Tiahuanaco
We go to the mysterious ancient city of Tiahuanco, and the eastern mountain ridge--part of the spine of Mother Earth that retains enormous creative energy. While in Tiahuanco, in the Temple of Kalasasaya, we connect with the Atlantean Masters of Light. We will make a small ascent to the Pyramid of Akapana for a cosmic connection to the constellation of the Pleiades (thought to be the cosmic origins of humanity) through the enigmatic Puerta del Sol (Sun Gate)--an inter-dimensional portal. Next, we descend to the semi-underground temple of Kantatallita, which features stone heads of all terrestrial ethnic groups of the old and the new humanity.

Tiwanaku / Copacabana / Isla del Sol
We visit Pumapunku - an inter-dimensional portal - and make both an energetic and physical connection with the ancient Lemurian gateway.

Now is an important time of awakening and reawakening for all humanity, and especially for spiritual travelers continuing on the ancient journey started long ago. Join us this summer to experience profound reawakening and reconnection to the deep and powerful spiritual heritage within you. Space is limited. Visit the web site to view videos and the day-by-day itinerary online now at

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Calling all spiritual travelers! Antonia M, PhD, master metaphysician and author of the Inner Power Workbook and the Inner Power Journal & Weekly Planner invites you to a life-changing vision quest and powerful, spiritual journey! Join her this summer for a sacred initiation and rite of passage in the mountains and jungles of Peru. This vision quest is a magical adventure and incredible opportunity to journey with master healers and shamans and let Spirit put you in Right Relationship with your True Direction. Experience profound healing, purification, spiritual rituals, reawakening, mentoring, and reconnection to the deep and powerful spiritual heritage within you. Space is limited. View videos, pricing and the day-by-day itinerary online now at