Living in the third dimension can be a little tricky for those that don't understand "THE GAME OF LIFE". Florence Scovel Shinn, the author of The Game of Life (referenced at Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls) has frequently elicited different laws as they apply to adhering to the rules of the road but little attention is given to the vehicle in motion. The Law of Three is very concise at addressing our physical needs, performance and creative potential. It offers the simple recipe to achieving health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression which is referred to as "The Square of
,  every man's desire. Desire is another term for OF GOD as in "de" and "sire". Desire is something addressed in many analytical circles, some of which see it as selfish and others as necessary in honoring your gift of self or God. In Napolean Hill's 8th chapter of Think and Grow Rich, he addresses persistence as a vital force required to bring desire into reality.

If health, wealth, love and perfect self expression are appealing to you, then I suggest you honor your desires and stand steadfast in pursuing them, even in the face of adversity or ridicule. Let no man squelch your dreams. Dreams are born of desire and more importantly, with persistence... come true. When this happens, you are experiencing The Law of Three firsthand.