Rita became a Law of Attraction Coaching client of mine a few months ago. Rita’s dating life was one disaster after another. She had joined an online dating service and thought she had died and gone to heaven. She had at least three or four dates a week, every week, for months. Yet, the men that she attracted seemed to get worse and worse each time she changed partners.

Rita is 42 years old, blonde, svelte, and elegant. Rita owns her own home on the beach in California, has a chain of hair and makeup studios, and lives a life most women dream about. She turns heads everywhere she goes. Yet, she found it very hard to meet men who took her seriously. She seemed to only attract men who focused on her looks or her money—or both! She watched the ads on TV about dating online and took the leap of faith and joined the thousands of other women who are dating online.

Keep in mind that she went into this with the same thoughts, beliefs, and ways of being that she had before joining. By the time that she had contacted me, she had attracted men that were even less appealing than before. The only difference was that the number of different men that she was dating had increased.

Rita went on dates and paid for the evening night after night. The men she attracted expected sex early in the relationship and threatened to leave if she did not come through. More often than not she did! And this continued for months.

What in the world could she have been thinking you may ask? She could have stepped back from her life and asked herself the same question. Rita really did not choose her behaviour consciously, nor could she see what she was doing. Had she stepped back and looked at how the Law of Attraction patterns were working for her, she may have saved herself some time, energy, and heartbreak.

Every day in my Law of Attraction coaching practice, I see and hear dramatic examples of women who unconsciously used the Law of Attraction to attract more of what they did not want in their partners and less of what they did want. Some women’s dreams were about to die unless they stepped back and looked at their Law of Attraction patterns and made some immediate changes.

Using the Law of Attraction deliberately and intentionally is not a passive experience. As we progressed through our coaching calls, Rita realized that using the Law of Attraction to attract her perfect match is an interactive experience.

One of the first things that we did together was to start challenging her beliefs around herself and dating. She make a list of beliefs that she found difficult to admit and acknowledge that were true for her. This required some new thinking for Rita. Rita asked herself the hard questions that she would rather have not thought about. After creating her list, she realized that a few of her beliefs were a product of her own behaviour. The world that she had conspired to create to attract a perfect match was drastically different from what she really wanted and desired.

Rita decided to start managing her own life in a very different way. We began by eliminating her negative beliefs and thoughts one by one. If you want to be a winner and successful in using the Law of Attraction principles in your life, you need to come clean and get to the root of why you are attracting what you are, and do something about it.

After working with Rita, I am convinced that the way she is NOW using the Law of Attraction to govern her world and dictate the results will help her attract her perfect match.

Are you consciously using the Law of Attraction in your life?

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