Thayer White's new book, Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze, helps people navigate successfully through the complex maze of available spiritual tools, systems and choices. He describes about 101 New Age traps and treadmills, including the seductive trap of the Law of Attraction and the addictive use of God's love, meditation and prayer.

Thayer White (author, therapist and long-time New Age explorer) states: "If the Law of Attraction worked well, there would be Law of Attraction support clinics everywhere curing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and genetic disorders. By now, every city block in Europe and North America would have a few new millionaires. Divorce rates would be plunging, because so many would be finding their soulmates. This is not happening, of course, because the hype far exceeds what is possible. The main reason why the Law of Attraction usually fails to work is that most folks using it are unknowingly aligned with their selfish egos rather than with their souls."

The book points-out/discusses the good, the not-so-good, and the ugly aspects of popular New Age spiritual choices. In reviews of this New Age book, David Brazier PhD., author of The Feeling Buddha, states: 'The book is particularly good at isolating apparently attractive ideas that are basically time wasters.' Hank Wesselman, anthropologist and author of the Spiritwalker Trilogy states: 'This is a timely book that will achieve a wide readership. Thayer White is to be commended.'

An excerpt from the book follows (page 5): "If you believe all you read about New Age spirituality, then it is all good and wonderful because all roads lead to God-Tao in the end. While I agree that all paths and roads eventually lead to God-Tao, many popular spiritual paths are lonnnnnnng detours. These detours result from the spiritual choices we make. Personally, I have been on hundreds of both long and short psycho-spiritual detours during my lifetime. With the benefit of study and life experience, most have become obvious. But they were mostly obscured while I was detouring."

Author's Bio: 

Thayer White was born and raised in Massachusetts (1941-1958) and received his BA in 1962 from Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois (1958-1962). He lived in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1966-1996 and in 1987 received his MA in Transpersonal (i.e., spiritual) Counseling Psychology from John F Kennedy University in Orinda California. He is licensed to do psychotherapy in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist and currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and bookstores nationwide. Book Data: ISBN-13 - 9780964338558; Publication Date - August 4 2008; Retail Price - $17.95; Publisher - Purple Paradox Press. Its full title is: Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze; God's Love, Not Religion, Is Opium for the New Age Masses - Why the Law of Attraction Often Fails.