The Law of Attraction will bring you what you strongly believe in.

Do you really know who you are? We are each made up of numerous belief patterns that have been instilled in us since we were children. Whether it is through family or environment, it doesn't matter how the patterns were formed, and it doesn't have to have originated from family or environment. It can be as simple as how you happen to perceive something. But no matter where or who your belief patterns come from, it's important to define you within the beliefs that you once thought were yours. We call this Deconstructing the Self.

There are some beliefs that serve you well, for instance the beliefs that don't make you feel bad about yourself or a particular subject. If you have a healthy view on money, feel you deserve money, and it flows steadily to you, then most likely your belief about money is working for you. On the contrary, perhaps you have problems with health or relationships; you may have a belief that is not working for you. You must get to the bottom of that particular belief so that you can deconstruct yourself and discover what is causing the unsteady flow. Once you've done that, you can reconstruct a belief system that truly works well for you. You will fast notice that when you do this, all of your troubles will melt away.
For example: Let's say you are always under the weather. You suffer from sinus allergies and no matter what you do you just can't get them to go away. When you call your mom for the hundredth time to complain, she sympathizes and tells you that ever since you were little you suffered with your allergies and reminds you that she just knew that you would never get over them. You've been hearing this since you were a young child and somehow it comforts you. You happened to remember your cousin faking sickness for attention, and she would get it, and when you were small, you loved the idea of so much attention. So in your perception from long ago, you recalled that being sick results in attention.

Now, fast forward adulthood. Without being aware of it, you very possibly have trained your subconscious to get sick to get attention. You even, after all these years, are able to grab Mom's full attention because you are sick. But is this how you want attention? By figuring out where and what your beliefs currently are, you can let past methods go and then figure out what it is you really want to believe. In this case, you would say to yourself: "I am healthy and well. I can enjoy attention in other ways. I don't have to be sick to get attention." This is reconstructing a new belief.

It may feel awkward to even think that believing another way is even possible, but obviously the old belief wasn't working for you or you wouldn't be seeking the Law of Attraction. Once you get to the bottom of your core beliefs, and why they are there, followed by reconstructing a belief that feels right and works for you, you will begin to obtain what you desire. In the case of the example above, it would be health, but the method works for correcting any other life challenge you may be facing.

Truly, this method can work for any part of your life; health, relationship, money, career, and anything else you can think of, big or small. Examine the old belief that is stopping you from getting what you want out of life. Put together a new belief system that works for you because, as we all know, with the Law of Attraction everything is possible by feeling, thinking, and focusing on what you desire. By changing your old beliefs into new ones that actually work for you, you will have jumped the major hurdle that has likely been holding you back.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want, and break down the doors of your old negative thought patterns. Build your own pattern of positive beliefs; you'll be glad you did through the Law of Attraction.

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. Please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site