There’s a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction out there.

Sometimes people complain that the Law of Attraction isn’t working.

Sometimes people try to tell you how you can “use” the Law of Attraction to get what you want.

Both of the above statements are absolutely NOT TRUE.

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working.

But, you can’t use or manipulate the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction isn’t a tool that can be used or misused. It’s not a hammer that can be used to pound a nail or pound a finger. It’s a law. It’s a force like gravity that is always working. You can’t turn it off and on. And you can’t turn it around.

Abraham of talks sometimes about paddling upstream and downstream in a fast moving current. Fighting the current of a raging river. The Law of attraction can indeed be compared to that river.

However, some people would have you believe that you somehow have control of that river and can turn it to your advantage. Well I don’t know anyone that can take a river flowing downstream and turn it upstream. The best you can do is to recognize that you are fighting the current and let go. Allow the river to turn you and your boat and go with the flow downstream.

But here’s the good part. According to Abraham, EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS DOWNSTREAM. Just stop fighting the current.

That means stop telling yourself what you should want and listen to what you do want.

Stop working on your weaknesses and start capitalizing on your strengths.

Stop adding your oars in support of others paddling upstream.

Stop thinking it has to be a struggle or it has to be hard.

Stop thinking there is something wrong with where you are now.

You don’t have control over where you are in the river right now. You don’t have control over where you are in your life now. That is the result of the thoughts, feelings and actions of the past. You do have control over your thoughts, feelings and actions now.

So turn your boat in the direction of where you want to go and allow the river to carry you.

You can’t use the Law of Attraction like a tool. However you can align yourself with the way it works.

Imagine a 500 pound boulder in the middle of the hill. Right now it’s wedged in place so it isn’t moving. The city has just informed you the boulder has to be moved immediately. You can move it to the top of the hill or to the bottom of the hill. The city doesn’t care which; they just say it can’t stay where it is. They won’t allow you to bring in any heavy equipment to help with the process.

Would you waste time in trying to figure out how to “leverage” yourself to move that boulder up hill? Would you try to manipulate gravity into pushing up instead of down? Or would you just remove the resistance and allow gravity to roll that boulder into the field below?

Sounds silly when you put it that way. doesn’t it? But most of us spend our lives :
a) Trying to push the boulder up hill – we may even enlist help
b) Trying to find some leverage to get that boulder to get up hill
c) Trying to get gravity to reverse directions so that it will push the boulder up hill

So how do we know when we are aligned with the Law of Attraction?
We know by the way it feels. If we feel even a little better than we did a moment before we are allowing our boats to turn in the direction of the current. And once we are turned what we want is right on our path.

Joel Goldsmith says this about God in his book Invisible Supply:
“You must get used to the idea that you, cannot use Truth, that Truth is Infinite, that Truth is God Itself. No one can use God, no one can influence God, and no one can get God to do his or her bidding.”(p.95)

The same is true about the Law of Attraction. Because the Law of Attraction is a force set in place by God at the creation of the universe.

So our work needs to be:
• Recognizing which direction the river is flowing
• Aligning ourselves with it
• Going with the flow

Fortunately in this information age there is so much help right at our finger tips. There are systems and processes already set up that we CAN leverage to:
• Deal with our emotions
• Remove Resistance
• Improve relationships
• Organize our lives and the many aspects of it
• Create and regenerate optimal health
• Create wealth and financial freedom

Our job then is just to find those systems that we resonate with and go with the flow. Yes, sometimes when you start to research a particular topic and a particular system you will find contradictory advice. What then? Choose the one that feels better. The one you naturally resonate with. And then follow that system. Don’t tweak it. Don’t improve it. Don’t modify it. Do what it says to do. This is a proven system. It has worked for others. Follow it exactly. In other words go with the flow.

Then you are aligning yourself with the Law of Attraction to live the life of your dreams.

Author's Bio: 

I am an author and a Next Action Coach. My background includes a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. In addition to my personal journey of spiritual discovery, I have spent over 20 years in Corporate America. I like to think of myself as grounded in the practical world while having my head in the clouds. Visit my website