The Importance of Time Management in Your Life

Time is something that you can never take back.

What’s done is done. Nothing in history can be changed. The most we can do about anything that has already been done is to take counter measures to prevent the damage from spreading. However, there is one more effective way to stop the damage and that is to prevent it.

You must have heard it said that “Prevention is better than cure.”

This quote is most often used in terms of illness; however, this can also be done for future mistakes. Time management is a form of prevention.

Why is time management so important? Time is the most important commodity. Time never comes back. It never rewinds like videotape.

You can get more money but you cannot get more time!

Here are the most common reasons why time is so important:

1. Time cannot be stored
Everyone no matter how rich or poor spends time the same way, it doesn't speed up for the rich and slow down for the poor. Time management is equal to wise usage of time. This may be the difference between fame and failure.

2. Time is rare
Yes, everybody has the same number of hours, but haven't you noticed that people are complaining that they don't have enough of it? There is just “so little time and so much to do” that people go out of focus. Time management means giving importance to priorities and nearer deadlines and these give you enough for the crucial activities in life.

3. Time is needed for everything
Everything takes time; everything needs time to materialize. With time management, each task is given enough time to be finished. By giving a sliver of time for each of your goals and accounting for it wisely, you will be able to achieve them, plus make time for rest. Truth is, even little time produces work. If distributed wisely throughout the day or week, you would be surprised to how much you can accomplish.

4. Time management helps you finish more jobs with less effort
By allotting a certain amount of time for each activity, you don’t have to worry about the next thing that you will do. With time management, you become more organized and the things you do become more habitual than panic-driven. By making it a habit, you become more productive. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ”

In modern times, each product, place, or gadget has minute differences that make it very hard for you to choose. There are so many opportunities to choose from as to what to do with your time. By having a plan, you will be able to make intelligent choices. By becoming more conscious of the available time and the choices you've made so far, you focus more on your priorities rather than useless work.

Time management is indeed a gem. Once it becomes a habit, it will be more beneficial than time-consuming.

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Posted by Alan Searing who is Managing Director of Online Express Limited and trades as Solutions4U providing self development books and tapes at the support group for Anthony Robins fans (The Yes Group) and he is passionate about providing resources to help others help themselves and to improve upon their own circumstances in life.
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