Vision is the picture of how it will be
Before you can achieve it you must dream it. This is not necessarily a dream that occurs while you are in a deep sleep, but a picture you have in your mind of the lifestyle you want to live including your career, family, spiritual, recreational, fitness and friends.

Vision creates excitement
Once you have the picture of how you would like life to be, you have the opportunity to achieve it. It is time to get excited about the possibilities. Don't be afraid to go after your dream; approach everyday with the belief that your dream will come true. Live it! Share it!

Vision lets you know how to plan
Before the house is built the contractor and sub-contractors rely on the plans (blueprints) to order the material, schedule the crews and get the building process started. The same goes with your life, you become the architect, inspired by God, to design the plans of what you want your life to be.

Vision gives purpose to what you are doing
Living with purpose brings energy to your life each day and keeps your spirits high as you do the necessary task and stay on course to reach your dreams. You have a reason for living and the realizations of your dreams are the rewards to be celebrated and shared with others.

Vision keeps you focused
The picture is in your mind and you can see it clearly. Maybe you have sketched it out or collected illustrated affirmations to visually keep your dreams in view. Now you have a fixed object to focus your attention and you will be able to plan your daily activities so your vision will become a reality.

Vision enables you to set goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Tangible)
With vision your goals come alive and a passion to achieve is woven into the very fiber of your entire being. The SMART goals you create will enable you to reach higher and achieve more than you ever believed possible.

Author's Bio: 

Timothy Riggs is an experienced life/business coach with expertise in career development. Tim's background includes twenty years as a minister with the Church of the Nazarene, which has allowed him the opportunity to work with people on a daily basis and get a keen understanding of personality and behavior traits. He received his coach training through Coach Training Alliance,LLC and Smart Coach Training Program. He is a certified administrator of Professional DynaMetric Program ProScan Assessment. He is the Author of "Today I Choose".