There are many people out there who avoid success simply because those around them might criticize them for what they are doing, even if they are doing what they love. Many times, well meaning people that love us can do the most harm to us and our happiness. These people don't mean to do what they do, I'm sure, but often times their words about what we want can cause us to rethink what we are doing. We must remember that success comes only after we follow our hearts and chase our dreams. No man became successful without first having critics and second ignoring those critics, regardless of who they were. Many successful people had family and friends disown them simply because they chased their dreams. Sometimes the cost of happiness is the loss of things we hold dear. The real question is whether you are willing to be right for your life and your happiness, or right for other people.

There is a story of a monk who lived in a village where a young teenage girl had gotten pregnant. The girl was unwed and knew that her parents would be infuriated if they knew who her boyfriend was and that she was pregnant out of wedlock. To spare herself she pointed her finger at the old monk and said that he was the father of the child. All of the towns people were infuriated and called the monk a dirty old man and many other names. The monk simply replied, "Oh, I see," and went back to meditating peacefully completely unbothered by the words of the villagers. After a few months the child was born and the villagers went to the monk and told him that it was was responsibility to take care of the child as it was his. The monk simply replied, "Oh, I see," and took the child with him. He was able to care for the child very well. After a year the teenage girl felt guilty for her actions and sorrow for not having her child and decided to tell the truth about what had really happened. The entire village went and appologized to the monk for their actions and words and in response the monk simply replied, "Oh, I see," and gave the child back to the mother.

The point of the story is that when you are right, not even an army can make you wrong no matter how much they do. Nelson Mandela was right about what he believed in, and spent twenty years in prison because of it. But that didn't make him change his stance. He knew he was right and was willing to pay the price for it. When you are wrong, not even an army can make you right. There is a belief in the world that the stronger person is right, and often times people will fight with words or actions to prove they are right. The point is that niether of those, even if you win, makes you right. You may win an argument, but that doesn't make you right. It just makes you the winner of the argument.

You must be able to know you are right, and not have to prove it by anything other than your actions and the things you create. You must also be willing to be wrong and admit it and be ok with that as well. Most imporantly, you must be willing to stick to what you know is right, for you, for your family, for your life and always move in that direction. To stand firm to what you believe. To chase your dreams because they bring you happiness and peace, no matter how big the force that tells you you are wrong is. To always follow your heart.

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