The human mind is really a fascinating and powerful machine. It’s like a computer; give it a command to search for data on a particular subject and it will do exactly that, firing off invisible circuits to access everything it has ever learnt about that subject as quickly as possible.

Our brains work in the same way- when we give it a command ‘think about such and such’ it goes through its whole database searching for files on that subject and throws up everything that it thinks is relevant. It doesn't have the ability to sort through the info and bypass what we perceive as negative or what might be unproductive or upsetting for us, it just gives us everything it finds on that subject and we have learned to sort through this information ourselves to find out the most appropriate answer.

If the command you give your brain is too general, a whole lot of info will come up and quite often some of it is unproductive. In your mind, the subject that your brain is searching for is attached to all kinds of past memories, experiences and emotions that have built up in there since... well, your whole life! So you will no doubt find that some thoughts come to the surface which aren’t helpful, don’t give you the confidence you need, and seem to make it harder for you to achieve your goals.

An example of this is public speaking. If when you were younger, you spoke in front of a group and were laughed at or just experienced high levels of fear and anxiety and it had quite an impact on you unconsciously, when you seek the resources to assist you in your adult public speaking, your unconscious may bring up those old memories and the physiological responses attached to them, despite you feeling quite confident about the whole thing in your conscious mind. We can tap into the unconscious storing of that memory and re-arrange it so that it is 100% empowering for you, we can associate new emotions and thoughts around the idea of public speaking, and these new empowering neural pathways will stay there locked in as they did when you were a child, only now you have created the response you WANT to experience when public speaking.

Now... without all this re-arranging and re-associating, how can we access only the best resources we have within us to be successful at a task or a goal, right now? It can be as simple as re-phrasing the command you give your mind, changing the command into a question that is direct and will reference only the answers you need.

So you could choose to think, “Why do I always get myself in these situations?” and undoubtedly your mind will obey the command and bring up all the past experiences you’ve had of ‘those situations’: why you ended up there, what happened before and after, how bad you felt in that situation, and how this seems to be a pattern in your life.

Instead you could ask “What resources do I have need to access to overcome this challenge?” or a great one to turn any situation from negative to positive is simply “What can I learn from this?”

By asking powerful questions your mind will access powerful answers, these answers come in the form of thoughts and feelings, and empowering thoughts and feelings are what drives us to take action in our lives.

Life coaching is all about asking the most powerful questions to really get you moving towards your goals. Your coach is trained to bring out the best in you, enhance your ability to think and make clear decisions, and keep you on the path of action. Read our testimonials to hear what others have said about how coaching for only a few short weeks, has changed their lives.

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Joanna Sherwell is a Certified Life Coach with qualifications in NLP, Business and Creative Arts. She has a love of helping others to reach their full potential and a passion for living life to the fullest with interests in martial arts, personal development, wealth creation, environmental awareness, human relations, and whole brain thinking among others. Her warmth and interest in those that she meets reflect the qualities of true friendship and her enthusiasm and passion for life comes through in every inch of her being. She has a balanced and holistic approach to her own personal life, spending her time researching optimum health and new ways to help her clients achieve their ultimate best.

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