Q. What's your hottest tip for managing one's time effectively? GM, San Rafael, CA

A. The number one tip I would give would be to get yourself to the point where you know what the most important things are to you, those that when done will move you on toward your goal. And so much so that it becomes second nature to you so that when it comes time to make a decision as to what you will do or how you will spend your time, you will make the right choice.

You see time management really isn’t time management per se. It is ultimately self-management as we relate to our priorities.
So I would encourage you to take time on a regular basis and examine all of the options available to you for you to spend your time on. You can do this as you look at your whole life or as you look at a segment of your life.

Once you see what your options are, then make a priority list. What things are the most important? And let me say “most important,” not “most enjoyable.” As you do this, you see where you must spend your time.
Since this is the first step, it must be the most important.

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Chris Widener is a popular speaker and author who has shared the podium with US Presidents, helping individuals and organizations succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams.

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