When on the path of growth and self-discovery, there is a natural progression. This progression
can be laid out in a pyramid, and each higher level is supported by the lower levels. Meeting the
needs of each lower level allows the next level to be focused on, and allows growth to take place.
Ignoring a lower level or trying to skip lower levels will create an inbalance in our inner structure
and not allow us to grow naturally. It is imperative to maintain a good balance among the different
levels so that growth can happen as easily as possible.

This philosophy was created in the middle of the 20th century by a psychologist who had studied
some of the greatest minds of the time. Based on Maslow's research, there are five basic needs that
have to be taken care of in order for growth in an upward manner to happen. The first four are to
be taken care of in order for self-actualization to take place. The reason for this is that we need
to take care of our day to day needs and requirements in order for us to be able to realize our
true potential. If our daily needs are not met, large amounts of time and energy are put into
trying to maintain basic survival.

The first of these five which form the foundation are physiological in nature. This represents things
such as food, sleep, sex, water, and others. The second on the list is safety and includes security
of body, employment, and family to name a few. The third need going up the pyramid is love and
belonging. This includes a significant other, family, friends, and a sense of belonging to a group.
Being a member of those we associate with. The fourth need is esteem. This includes a positive
self-perception as well as confidence. Achievement, respect of others, and respect by others.
The final need is self-actualization. This includes creativity, expression, morality, and many others.

The ability to take care of these basic needs allows one to move to higher levels of conciousness
and expression in the world. This allows people to express themselves in the world in a way that
is in accordance with true happiness and creativity. This is the realm that passion lives in. This is
where our goals can really take on a whole new meaning and realization. Having to spend to much
time in any of the lower levels of need can take away from the time it takes to truly follow ones heart
and discover passion and accomplishment.

Take the time to evaluate where you are on the hierarchy and what needs are not being met. Be sure
to put together an honest evaluation of each as not being honest will only harm you and your growth.
It is important then to put together a strong strategy for getting the deficient needs to a level of basic
survival so that more energy and focus can be placed on the realization of dreams and goals. In the
following parts, we will discuss each of the five levels and some strategies for bringing them into

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