We are living during extraordinary times. The air is rife with possibility and consciousness is exploding. Everyday people are waking up as if from a deep, deep sleep, questioning to what values and systems they have given their power, energy and attention – and wondering what lies beyond their present reality. Wondering if perhaps there is that something ‘more’ beyond what we are being told or have been taught…

Interestingly, I was re-visiting Carlos Castaneda’s writings recently….

Carlos Castaneda was an American anthropologist who met a powerful shaman – or medicine man – called Don Juan Matus in 1960 whilst conducting anthropological field work along the US-Mexico border. He subsequently became Don Juan’s pupil and later went on to write a number of bestselling books based on Don Juan’s teachings that have since been translated into 17 languages. Under the tutelage of Don Juan Matus, he learned about Three Forms of Attention:

The First Attention is culturally conditioned and confined to the world of our five senses.

The Second Attention orders the world of the unknown – that is, that which is beyond the limitations of our five senses.

The Third Attention integrates the first two, enabling us to access that which is otherwise unknowable.

It struck me how relevant such definitions were with respect to Transformation and the growing quest for Freedom these days.

If we are paying attention, it is very easy to see that we are living during transformational, exhilarating times. Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and weather pattern reversals are escalating; prescriptions for anti-depressants are at an all-time high; and longterm drought, water shortages, pollution, and species extinction are all too common. The sun, too, is demonstrating all manner of unusual activity, affecting not only weather, but human behavioural patterns also.

Yes, the Energies of Transformation are intense at this time. And amidst the chaos and the mismanagement of our resources, the Earth and each other, the US$70B worldwide Personal Development Industry is growing exponentially. Interest grows daily in mysticism, alternative healing, personal development, corporate spirituality, prosperity consciousness, Angels, crop circles and sacred sites.

Indigenous peoples such as Mayans, the Hopis, Aztecs, Maoris and the Incas, and the ancient calendars of the Egyptians, Tibetans and Hindus, as well as leading-edge Personal Development Leaders, Visionaries and Mystics, say we are moving towards an endtime known as 2012. The end of the world as we know it. They say we have the potential to move into a Golden Age of Multidimensional Consciousness, if we so choose. Beyond the limitations of dominant First Attention focus. It is a time filled with possibility.

Correspondingly, we are in the midst of a major housecleaning of all the thoughts, emotions and identities that have limited us. We are required to let go of that which no longer serves us or the evolutionary dynamic. We are quite literally witnesses and participants in the crossing from an old order into a new one. We are part of the Emerging Consciousness, and the signs are everywhere.

Quantum Physicists are making major contributions at this time, telling us that the subatomic energy fields which surround us respond to our feelings, thoughts and focus. What’s more, numerous, possible realities exist in any one moment! This is exhilarating information! It means that we contain, within us, immense power to become conscious, deliberate Architects of Reality.

Russian DNA Researchers have discovered that DNA not only constructs our bodies, but it actually follows the syntax, semantics and rules of all human language. By using the correct language, thoughts and emotions, we can affect the DNA waves and therefore the genetic data itself. This has been substantiated at the Institute of HeartMath where DNA tests revealed that DNA strands all changed in shape according to the feelings of the researchers.

Energy Healers worldwide talk about activating the DNA. They say we are moving away from being only 2-DNA-stranded human beings, obsessed with survival and the accumulation of material goods – into multidimensional beings of limitless expression!

In a nutshell, we are powerful. Our thoughts and our feelings have documentable effects upon the subatomic world and our DNA. Whether we have 2 strands, 12 or more (as some Energy Healers say), and whether or not we understand the subatomic world, each one of us can alter reality by changing focus, emotional output and our thoughts. Radically, if we so choose.

Scientists are also saying, however, that although 400 billion bits of information per second are carried through frequencies around us, our brains are decoding only 2000 bits of those 400 billion bits. We perceive with our senses only a fraction of that which is available to be perceived and experienced. Less than 1%, in fact. We have been quite literally boxed into the world of the First Attention.

So just how do we move into Third Attention Territory? How do we navigate the current changes, and the larger ones yet to come as systems and infrastructures alter – and embrace the potential of 2012? How do we decode more than just 2000 bits per second so that we can choose our thoughts wisely and create realities for our highest good and the highest good of others?

1. Take total personal responsibility. Playing the victim in any area of life leads to abdication and powerlessness. You create reality. Your reality is the perfect, exact mirror of your thoughts and what you consistently focus upon. You are creating your reality all the time. All the time.

2. Ask yourself key questions. ‘Why have I drawn this circumstance? What can I learn? What do I need to change about myself?’ In so doing, you exit the ‘2000-bits-box’ and tap into the multidimensional potential of the other 400 billion bits per second. The realm of the Third Attention.

3. Be fully conscious of your focus. 80% of our self-talk is negative! Stop what you are doing often and check in with yourself. Change your focus if need be.

4. Learn to maintain sustained focus and cultivate the Presence that exists in the Now. Scientists also tell us that we are able to sustain focus for only 6-8 seconds per minute. We lose focus up to 10 times per minute. Definitely a scatter-gun approach to creating reality! Spend time each day focusing consistently upon being present so that all your decisions and actions come from a clear space, and so that you can masterfully focus upon a result or feeling you would like to have more of.

5. Learn how to generate feelings of appreciation, gratitude, ecstasy, joy and happiness at will. These are very powerful states and have corresponding effects upon your DNA, the subatomic field – and therefore your reality. Regularly bring to mind memories or people or circumstances that induce those particular feelings. Hold the feeling, then focus on what you want to experience.

6. Take consistent action in the form of books, cd’s, seminars, coaching, healing, affirmation, meditation and visualization to release sabotage and re-program what may be a mindset based on limitation. Learn to find your Centre. Operate and create reality from That.

7. Finally, get out of the way and allow the Universe to move the chess pieces around…. Oftentimes we set intentions in motion, then with our doubts we sabotage the process…. Remember: doubts create reality, too, just not the reality you want!

This is an exciting time to be present on the Earth. A time long-prophesied and long-anticipated. The power is truly within you as to how you want to experience its potential. Choose wisely! Every thought you think, every emotion you feel is creating your reality. Right here, right now. And right here, and right now. And right here, and right now….

Author's Bio: 

Fatima Bacot is a Futurist, dedicated to personal and planetary Transformation and Peace, combining current events and leading-edge Spirituality, Personal Development and Science.

Fatima believes we are at a critical time in our evolutionary journey, with humanity in the driver’s seat as to the realities it will collectively choose to create and experience. She is passionately committed to the acceleration of a ‘critical mass’ focussed upon the co-creation of Universal Peace, Freedom and Social Justice. She contributes to this process as a Public Speaker, Mentor, Event Coordinator, Astrologer, Intuitive Channel and Healer, and Workshop Presenter.

Fatima specialises in providing clear information about the current Revolution in Consciousness, and assisting with the elimination of sabotaging beliefs and worldviews in personal and groupwork on the road to Peace. Through the means of Awareness, Healing, Dialogue, Intent and coordinated Group Effort, she supports the creation of an harmonious Planetary Society via the peaceful departure from tyranny, fear and control.

Fatima's work encompasses numerous areas inclusive of current events, advances in the field of quantum physics, various healing modalities, geopolitics, mysticism, atheism, prophecy (the popular Mayan Calendar and 2012, for instance), astrology, the US$70B worldwide Personal and Spiritual Development Industry, neurotheology, solar flares and sunspots, male and female relationships, the true meaning of ‘Apocalypse’, creativity, politics, geopsychedelics, multidimensionality, DNA research and more – all the while underscoring the Powers of Intent and Love to heal imbalance and to create Peace.

Fatima has been involved in the Personal and Spiritual Development field for 25 years.

Please go to: www.diamondconsciousness.com to learn more about her Services and leading-edge, upcoming Transformation Programs and FREE Teleseminars.

Currently, Fatima resides in Maleny, Queensland, on Australia's Sunshine Coast.