"In my business, if you're over 40, you're too old," Tony Hayman, a film editor, stated in a recent New York Times Article entitled, New Math for Men: Subtract Just a Little Gray.

And the truth of the matter is, he's right. In a society driven by appearance, the way you present yourself has a lot to do with how far you move ahead in work and relationships.

"Men color their hair for two important reasons; the boardroom and the bedroom," says Chad Murawczyk, founder of MiN New York, a jet-setting brand producing professional-grade lifestyle products for men and women. "It comes down to the way you present yourself; marketing is perception."

With the country on the verge of a recession, staying competitive is vital to staying on top of your game. While some younger men wear glasses to come across as more intellectual and mature in the workforce, older men are looking to regain their edge through working out, a stringent grooming regimen and yes, even coloring their hair. Unlike women though, men who color their hair don't want to spend hours in the salon.

"I work with Wall Street executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs; men who understand the value of a well tailored suit, clean shaven face and trimmed head of hair," says Salvatore Fodera, the founder and owner of Salon Fodera located at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. "They also understand the value of a minute."

For the busy executive or guy working his way up the corporate ladder, MiN New York, a division of SalonClick LLC, knows that time is money. This is something they took into account when producing their ProColor and COLOR Touch up Kits.

Available in 12 inter-mixable shades, ProColor allows salons and spas to custom-match shades for blending and special applications such as low lights and super fast touch ups. When combined with iMix, a special processor exclusive to MiN New York, men receive complete gray coverage is 3-5 minutes. For guys who don't want to go to a salon or just need a quick touch up between visits, COLOR for at-home use is available in six shades that can be purchased from an exclusive retailer near you or by visiting http://www.MiN.com.

In a verbal survey conducted by volunteers at the America's Beauty Show in Chicago in 2008, 8 out of 10 Professionals prefer ProColor by MiN New York over Redken's CAMO. "In the end the world doesn't need more products, it needs better ones," says Murawczyk. MiN New York will keep you looking your best even when the economic situation appears gray.

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For more information on MiN New York ProColor or COLOR, call 212.206.6366 or visit http://www.MiN.com.